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Quite bummed I can't play the original Deus Ex over Onlive, on my TV with the controller. Mouse and Keyboard only, it seems. I'm sure there's a good reason for this, as old PC games had all sorts of complicated keyboard imputs and whatnot, but was really pumped to check this out after all these years, and now I don't think I'll be able to.

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Finished Shadows of the Damned this morning, and absolutely loved it. My favorite game of the year, up there with Crysis 2. perfectly paced, stayed fresh throughout, and even the cheesy immature humor (of which there is plenty) was done in a way that made me smile, rather than cringe. Highly Recommended!

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How about this Japanese Woman's National Soccer team????

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"On Thursday, June 30, Kelly Reeves sent out an invitation to her 1,900 followers on Twitter to join her on—a new, social media website that lets users share songs with friends and strangers while publicly celebrating each other’s musical tastes. “DJing in the Shameless POP! Room,” Reeves wrote. “Come hang out. Now playing *NSYNC.”


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I'm not even that big fan of shellfish, but this I can most definitely support.
You get free beer for life if you donate $5,000. I did not donate $5,000 but I hope they still give me free beer sometimes.

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Surely I'm not the only one thinking that Deron would be perfectly content voiding his Nets contract, right? This is like win-win for him. He hates it there.

If nothing else, Google+ seems to be a great platform to talk about Google+. Really fills that gaping hole on the internet for Google+ conversation that was lacking before Google+ launched. Killing it.

To add, I feel like this is the iPad of Social Networks. It's pretty cool, I'm enjoying my time so far and trying to get into it, but everyone else seems wayyy more excited about this than I do.

Not sure what it's doing that I can't do with more people on facebook, twitter or tumblr. I know well set up and a nice fresh start for people who wish the could start over with Facebook, knowing what they know now about social networking, but once the novelty of just being on the service wears off, will it stick?

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Bush at Bowery Ballroom, on sale today at Noon. I once saw them headline a night at Woodstock '99, and now...this.

I just +1'd my own comment. Because it's the only thing I could +1, aside from my own dumb picture of myself. I've added friends and family who aren't signed up yet? How's that work? Tutorial pls.

Hellooooooo? This is very lonely so far. Anybody out there? Anyone up on that Tiny Tower action? 17th floor under construction!!!
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