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Many dental professionals noticed that persons experiencing pancreatic cancer were more likely to deal with issues like periodontal illness or cavities. Yet they still wondered whether poor dental health might cause pancreatic cancer.
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Not surprisingly an award winning smile can give a person the confidence that he or she needs when trying to make a good first impression. Premier Dentistry wants to be sure that your are always showing your best smile.


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Alzheimer’s may be affecting up to 5.1 million Americans. Premier Dentistry of Jupiter sheds light on the connection between dentistry and this deadly disease.

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Most people would rather go to the ice cream shop instead of the dentist. The sad truth is that nearly one-third of Americans avoid going to the dentist for a whole year, which is easily not the best decision.

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Genuine smiles have been linked to positive moods and better sleeping patterns, yet the average person only smiles seven times a day. Cheery people may smile upwards of 11 times a day.

The sad truth is that some people do not smile often because they are suffering from a dental issue.
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Most people know that certain foods are bad for their teeth, such as processed sugar, but do you know about the foods that can enhance your oral health? Dr. Casel and his team at Premier Dentistry of Jupiter would like to share some of these foods with you.
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Bad breath is something that almost everyone deals with at some point in their lives. Approximately 99 percent of Americans experience morning “dragon breath,” but a few people are suffering from something worse.
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Silver or amalgam filings are the most commonly used type of dental fillings. The filling was introduced to the dental care community in the early 1830s. Recent news has been changing people’s minds about dental amalgam, making it imperative that dentists in Jupiter FL explain why these fillings are...

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The specialists at Premier Dentistry of Jupiter know that sensitive teeth can negatively affect a person’s lifestyle. Some people cannot handle a cool breeze or enjoy a delicious bowl of ice cream because of tooth sensitivity.

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Increase Your Chances of Getting That Dream Job!
It might not sound plausible, but a nice smile can give you an edge at work. A survey showed that people with a healthy and visually appealing smile are likely to be trusted with a good job.
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