I am happy to introduce today's Member in the Spotlight. +Antonio Cunningham. I hope you take the time to get to know your fellow CU Members, you/we are a diverse and interesting group.   If you are intersted in being in the spotlight drop me, +ed pluck,  a note and he will get you in the queue. We want to get to know all of you better.

1.) Can you tell us a little about where you have lived and what you do?
[AC] I grew up in one of the worst sides of Atlanta,GA. I didn't leave the ghetto until I was 19 years old. I've been homeless twice, been in shootouts, shot, robbed, jumped on and yet I still live to tell the tale. Even though I grew up in mess, I didn't let the mess define me.

What I do? I’m the first responder of any problems for my company. From troubleshooting PCs to rebuilding  large equipment. If something breaks, I’m always the first person to respond. Yeah, I know that’s not actually in my job description, but that’s what I love to do.

2.) What parts of the Conservative movement frustrate  you? and Why?
[AC] The inability to work together. No two people believe the exact same thing, but we can’t come together on issues like getting the spending under control or nominating a real conservative candidate. (McCain and Romney wasn't conservative at all in my opinion) I mostly blame the ones who constantly stream that some conservatives give up their values and compromise, but they won’t compromise themselves. It’s their way or the highway.

3.) When did you learn that you were a conservative?  How did you know?
[AC] I grew up with only Democrats. I never met a self-proclaimed Republican until I started voting for them (I was 23 years old). Notice that I didn’t say I grew up with The Left. Even though they voted Democrat, their values were more in line with Conservatives. They just didn’t know (and still don’t know) what Conservatism means. I didn’t know until I started to do my own research. All they knew is Republicans are only for the rich, want to take away rights, hold them down, and are racist. They didn’t have the desire to find out if it was true or not because the people they put their trust in were telling them this over and over. For example; One of my mentors whose opinion I still greatly value, brings in Dick Gregory to speak at an event his company holds twice a year. This is the same man who said there’s no such thing as a Black Conservative In the Runaway slave documentary. Their so called leaders are feeding them a bunch of values they themselves for the most part don’t live by, but they don’t care enough do they own research. What was it…. They are more concerned about the pebble in the shoe that the road they're walking on.

How did I know? The thing that put me down my path of Conservatism was the Bush Tax cuts. For years I’ve been hearing that Republicans only care for the rich, but when my check when up 42 dollars due to this tax break, That light bulb went on. If the Republicans only cared about the rich, then why did I get an increase as well I thought to myself. At 7 dollars an hour, I was NOT rich. At that moment I knew what I was told wasn't right. It didn't line up with reality.

4.) Who is a past or present Conservative you look up to? What is it about them that you are drawn to?
[AC] I’m fond of Ronald Reagan. I know plenty of people who voted for Obama would have instead voted for Reagan. Presently I’m fond of Dr. Ben Carson. He’s living proof of the American dream. (unlike Obama) Whenever he speaks, it’s like he’s talking directly to me. I love that immersive feel when I’m listening to a person who appeals to my intellect vs. trying to appeal to my emotions. Both Dr. Carson and Reagan have this effect on me

I’m also fond of Ted Cruz,(Because he’s willing to stand for his values even though his party is against him) Mike Lee, (Great storyteller when he speaks. Being someone who loves a good story, that a good thing for me) and Bill Whittle. ( One of the best voices for Conservatism in my opinion. His videos are far better than anything on Fox News in my opinion). I’m not sure If I could include Milton Friedman and Walter E. Williams because they’re Libertarians. These two (along with Bill Whittle) was what got me though after Obama was elected again. Amazing speakers in my opinion.

5.) What are your go to sources for news and information?
[AC] Talk radio (Herman Cain, Eric Ericson, Mark Levin, Dennis Prager, Peter Schiff and sometimes Hannity)

Some sites like patterico.com , Redit,www.wsbradio.com, The Blaze or any site that was brought up while I was listening to talk radio.

6.) Where are you/or have you engaged society with your activism or conservatism?
[AC]  I’ve been in a few Immigration rallies, Tea Party rallies, and I’ve even flown to DC to rally. Whenever something political is brought up around me, I always ask myself “is this the best time to argue politics?” If the answer is yes, then I become a vocal advocate. I already live in a way that’s conservative in nature. At least I believe so

7.) What is one of your favorite Movie Speeches/Dialogs that get you all fired up?
[AC] I can’t remember the last movie that got me fired up.  I can however remember a few Bill Whittle videos that had me on my feet. (His political correct video instantly comes to mind)

8.) Are you connected in anyway to local Conservative groups?
[AC] Not yet. I’m still expanding what I know. I’m having a hard time convincing people who know me to the ideas I live by and support. If I can’t convince people I know, then how can I convince people I don’t know?

9.) Who is your favorite Conservative author?  What is it about them that has hooked you?
[AC] Sadly I haven’t read that many political books (I read allot of manuals). The few books I have read are written by Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Milton Friedman, Thomas Sowell, and Neal Boortz.
If anyone have any other authors that I should read, let me know. I need some more reading material.

10.) What is your favorite part of This Community? 
[AC] Besides the vast amount of information? I would say the people who are a part of the community. It’s rare for me to be around so many people who not only believe what they post, but are willing to make an logical explanation explaining it. .

11.) If you could move one (or three) thing(s) to the top of the political conversation, what would it be?
[AC] The Debt problem! That’s the top issue that needs to be addressed in my opinion. We can’t keep spending ourselves into oblivion. Something MUST be done. While I do care about issues such as stopping the gay mafia from forcing their lifestyle on everyone else, or doing something about the illegal aliens within our borders or even getting our elected officials to pass some form of term limits; none of that matters if the country goes bankrupt and the dollar becomes worthless. With over 17 trillion dollars in operational spending deficit and over 100 trillion in unfunded liabilities, EVERYTHING should be on the table to address this problem

Getting back to the Constitution is a close second. The Constitution is the rulebook this nation is suppose to be governed by. With so much lawlessness going on, how can this nation survive?

12.) If you could undo one thing in the History of America, what would it be?  Why would you want to make that Change? 
[AC] That’s an interesting question… I would love to say do away with the 16th and 17 amendments, but The first thing came to mind was the New Deal. That was a major shift in this country when people started relying on government vs. coming together on their own. The Great Depression was not a failure of Capitalism. History has already proven that’s not true. There are a lot of economists that’s proven that’s not what happened.

13.) What Athlete would you like to have been or hung out with ?
[AC] I’m not sure I can answer that considering I’m not a fan of sports. If I was to hang out with anyone…. let’s just say it’s wise for me to keep that information to myself.

14.) What do you do for fun?
[AC] It depends on my energy level. If I’m full of energy, I love to play with my niece and nephews. When I’m tired or not so energetic, I play on my guitar or bass. I use to a fan of video games, but they no longer make games that excite me anymore.

15.) If  you were to describe your self with a product, what would that product be?
[AC] Interesting… A Glock because it’s reliable… No that’s not right, It’s also simple and easy to use. I know! A desktop computer because it’s smart, handles complex problems and capable of expansion…. no no no… they get virus, become outdated too easily and locked down in one location. This is harder than I thought… I’m going to say a Nokia 3650. Why? It was a phone that was ahead of it’s time. It was reliable , expandable, and in the right hands capable of being enjoyed by anyone who’s in close proximity.

16.) What is your fondest Memory of High School?
[AC] I didn’t have any fond memories of High School. For the sake of of interests, I’ll put my Mother’s fond memory of me in High School. English was always a subject I cared nothing for. At the time, I greatly despised greek mythology. So when I was forced to write an essay on Odysseus, I was pissed. I did it, but  those who have seen my writing when I’m upset know that the writing become full of censored words. The English teacher called for a parent-teacher meeting because she was shocked when she read my essay.  Everyone who read it was praising me to my mom because they liked it. Even the English teacher wanted to enter me unto some statewide writing competition. The teacher only had the meeting because she wanted to convince me not to use the bad words when writing anything. (even though I censored them out) I remember my response was “If you don’t want me to write bad words, then don’t force me to write about something I despise.”

17.) What are three things about you that most people would be surprised to find out?
[AC] 1. I only eat one real meal a day
2. I’m self taught on virtually everything I know.
3.I can sing female songs far better than I can male ones. (which is why I always say I can’t sing)

18.) What do you want to be remembered for??
[AC] That’s a tough question. If I had to sum it up in one line, I want it to be remembered that I was a kind person

19.) What is your favorite Movie? Why does this one excel in it's genre? 
[AC] Though I do watch a lot of movies, I can’t think of many that stood out.


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