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Helloooo world!
Helloooo world!

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Need way of knowing which of the friends who have added me to their circles, i have not. Google help me seed 1:1!

Hmmm no Gchat statuses in Google+?

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A few Google+ tips:
- You can click on profile pictures to rotate through them. Nice find by +MG Siegler on that one.
- In the stream, you can click 'j' to navigate down to the next item or 'k' to navigate up. I think it's the same keys that Gmail uses, which is probably in turn because +Paul Buchheit uses vi and created Gmail. :)
- If you're sharing a post with a small circle of people, you can prevent resharing. Click the arrow at the top-right of the post and choose "Disable reshare."
- One more: if you're looking for more fun things in your stream, the "Incoming" stream is stuff from people who are sharing with you, but who you haven't added to a circle.

What are your favorite Google+ tips?

anyone know how to turn off those email alerts when someone replies to a comment?

Problems with google+? Low file storage size. I chose not to use picasa for that reason and I'm not about to start.
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