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What were you doing on 29th Feb 2012

OK so it hasn't happened yet..... But when it does something extra-ordinary will happen.

People all over the world are going to create a photographic record of their local surroundings and upload them to Google+. Giving everyone else the chance to take a sneaking glimpse of the world at one precise moment in time.

To include a small snapshop of your little piece of the world is simple.

1) Take a picture at any point on 29th Feb 2012
2) Upload your picture to Google+
3) Tag the picture with both the location and #G+LeapYearDayProject .
4) That's it.

To see what the world looked like at that moment Wait until after that date and use the search box to find a specific location or everything

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I am giving away #Dota2 Beta Keys that I won from Dota official site i.e

I had 3 keys. I used one but I am giving away only ONE key.

This is just a proof that I ain't lying.

Happy Thanksgiving.
#Dota2 #BetaKey

I won Dota2 Beta key! Wohoo #Dota2

I have two extra keys. I want to give it away. +1 this post and drop by comment. I will pick a random person and give it away.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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