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Featuring baby products, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, baby freebies & Frugal Baby Tips!
Featuring baby products, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, baby freebies & Frugal Baby Tips!

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Post has attachment On the Go: Make Your Own Rebozo Sling
-- Rebozo is a Mexican word for the shawl that is a woman's constant companion - day and night. An amazing tool, a Rebozo provides your baby with a safe and secure place, while participating in life with mom and dad. Now you can make your own!

Post has attachment FREEBIE: Chore Helpers, Printables and More (ALL)
-- Chore Chart System, Weekly Planner, Daily Planner Sheets, calendars and charts, and fitness tracker...

Post has attachment
How to kill mold with borax
-- You don't need toxic cleaners to clean up mold. For a healthier home, there's a more natural - and cheaper - alternative. Green living expert Terri Bennett shows you how to clean green even when doing the dirtiest of jobs.

Post has attachment Frugal Child Safety: Hearth Protector
-- Create a bumper for your fireplace hearth with a large pool noodle! Or buy some pipe insulation from any hardware store - sometimes even cheaper!

Post has attachment FREEBIE: Play/Adventure Kits (ALL)
-- Get these themed activities of nature detectives materials instantly...

Post has attachment Menstrual Needs for Mom: Menstrual Products and Health
-- CONGRATULATIONS! to all of you who have already made the switch to organic, dioxin-free or reusable menstrual products! For those of you who haven't switched yet, be sure to read the following articles...

Post has attachment Child Safety: Mesh Railing Protector
-- When my son was a baby, we had a sunken living room. It was only two steps down, but I worried about him falling through the wide-set railing that divided the dining room and the living room...

Post has attachment FREEBIE: Yikes-Lice! Book (US)
-- Teach your kids about head lice with Yikes-Lice! by Donna Caffey and Patrick Girouard. This fun and engaging children's book uses rhyming verses to tell the story of how a young girl overcomes head lice with the help of her parents...

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Refreshing a Mattress in Three Easy Steps | Consumer Reports
-- Even a mattress needs a good cleaning. Consumer Reports experts show you how simple it is to keep your mattress lasting longer and even keep some pests away.

Post has attachment Child Safety: Velcro Quick Locks
-- Need to lock up the fridge, oven, cupboard, etc. to keep out the kids (or pets!)? Anywhere you can place this lock on a door and around a corner edge, it will work!
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