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Started a new blog: "My Android Blog"

#nexus6p   #nexus5x   #Android  +Android +Nexus 

Just my personal thoughts and sharing information about #USB and accessories.

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Do you have an +Android +Nexus  #6P  or #5X  device with the latest and greatest USB-C charging standards?!

I love my Nexus devices and want to use certified cables to protect my chargers and device. I would hate for my chargers or cables to overheat!

+Benson Leung has been doing great work certifying these cables. I have been trying to keep up with his efforts by tracking on a Google Sheet:

I have also posted this on #reddit  on - please feel free to comment and contribute!

I just got an Android Wear device... how can I get Chronus to work properly? I am having a hard time figuring out this process.

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If you are a guitar player, musician, amp technician, or audio person... please spare a few moments to take this survey for my MBA capstone project! We are working with a company who is creating an awesome new technology to replace vacuum tubes (pure socket replacement).

#guitar   #audio   #vintageamps   #6L6   #tubeamps   #poweramp   #audiophile  

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Be safe and protect yourself!

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Kind folks of the Moto X community, I am asking for your input! 

I am eligible for an upgrade on Verizon Wireless and have limited my options to Moto X (2014), Droid Turbo, and Nexus 6 (if it is ever launched on Verizon). My real decision boils down to the Moto X and Droid Turbo... the N6 just seems too big and is not even announced for VZW yet.

The 32GB Moto X will be available on Cyber Monday for $50.01 on Verizon Wireless. This sounds like an awesome deal to me. My main concerns are battery life and performance compared to the Droid Turbo.

How do you folks like the camera on the Moto X?

How do you deal with the sub-par battery life compared to other devices?

Is there any realistic possibility of the Verizon version having the bootloader unlocked?!

The phone I end up choosing will be my daily driver for 2 years until I am eligible for another upgrade so your input would be greatly appreciated!

I have read a number of reviews and comparisons of the devices and am still struggling to decide.

The folks on +xda-developers forums should really start a bounty to get Android Auto working on Ford Sync... that would be awesome!

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