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I'm mostly not here these days. Send me an email to talk!
I'm mostly not here these days. Send me an email to talk!


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Gratuitous Self-Promotion Mode, Go! (This will be the only post of it's kind for quite a good long while. Please ignore if you're not interested - it's public for easy reshare).

I offer my services as a coach for folks who want to work on developing skills like productivity and focus, leadership, or decision-making. If you or anyone you know would be interested in such services, I'd greatly appreciate your sharing this link with them.

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I don't do a bunch of public posts these days, but I think this deserves to be shared with as many people as possible. It's a really fascinating and inspiring story of a woman figuring out some cutting edge science based on careful observation and meticulous research - all outside of the standard circles of academia or medicine.

+Mandy Morbid I think you might especially find it interesting given the number of correct self-diagnoses she made, and how first doctors were baffled, then skeptical, then amazed how right she was. Also includes a link to site where people with rare diseases can try to find others with the same issues and compare notes.

So, this is probably old news, but a recent post by a person I follow reminded me it might be timely. Please, please , put your stuff into collections . It is the most considerate thing you can do on the internet. 

By all means, post everything you think the world needs to hear from you, or that you just want to share. Just categorize it. That way, if I totally want to hear your thoughts on nerdy games and totally not hear your thoughts on presidential candidates, we're both happy. You share your thoughts, I opt out of them (or into them) and we're all good.

Collections are the best. Please use them. We all win when you do.

Howdy folks. I no longer share most of my posts publicly, so if you would like to see my posts and can't, let me know. I've started to share most posts via collections, so you can opt out of any topics you're not interested in.

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The timing on this couldn't be better for me! Having just started running my Heresies Without Number game, a SWN based game with investigation and demons, this is extremely convenient. I was saving money when the kickstarter was going, but now I have happily ordered my copy!
After much suffering and toilsome exertion, Silent Legions is now available at DriveThruRPG.

Silent Legions is a Stars Without Number-compatible OSR game for modern Lovecraftian horror. Rather than revive the traditional Cthulhu Mythos, however, Silent Legions gives you tools for creating your own mythos, with your own gods, aliens, sorcery, cults, artifacts, dream-realms, and festering fishing villages. These tools are almost entirely system-neutral so you can use them with other horror games- or games that could simply do with a bit of squamous loathsomeness.

Aside from the mythos generators, Silent Legions also includes tools for running sandbox investigative campaigns, with multiple schemes and dark secrets scattered around a region. The template tools for quick investigative adventure creation help the GM provide an easy night's adventure with minimal prep strain, allowing for a more free-roaming style of horror adventuring than is traditional for the genre. Modified Cult rules derived from SWN's Faction system also help the GM keep events in motion even when the PCs aren't there to provoke things.

I still need to upload .mobi and .epub versions of the PDF this weekend and wrap up all the art for a free-for-commercial-use Silent Legions Art Pack, but this will mark the third Kickstarter I've completed early. My artists deserve credit for that- they came through handsomely and with great elan.

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If you've heard about the documentary getting made about the Scary Stories books with the excellent and disturbing Stephen Gammell illustrations, my wife interviewed the director for her blog. Check it out!
Blast from the past! A team of filmmakers is making a documentary about the legacy of this classic children's book series. Check out my interview with Director Cody Meirick and contribute to the Indiegogo campaign! #scarystoriesdoc   #scarystoriestotellinthedark  

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This is an exciting thing I'm going to buy as soon as I get home from work. If you're reading this, chances are you might want to buy it too

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Totally Non-Gaming, Somewhat Self-Promotional

So, I'm conducting a little bit of research. I want to find out about management in academic settings. Do you work in or around academia as a teacher, staff member, support, or something else? If so, I want to hear from you!

This survey is 20 questions long and should take you about 15-20 minutes to complete unless you want to go into a lot of depth (which is totally awesome if you do). It will help to develop knowledge in what I suspect is an underserved field. 

Please feel free to tag in anyone you think would be interested and/or to reshare. 

I just received the copy of Conflict of Heroes: Awaken the Bear that I ordered, and I'm really excited. The physical product is high quality and attractive, and the rules strike me as really good. I can't wait to get a chance to play (enough so that I'm considering getting the solo expansion in case I can't find a willing opponent anytime soon).

If you're into wargames, I super recommend you check it out.
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