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Just another monster of the week.
Just another monster of the week.


Just did some test land, king, and character creation for +Brad Murray 's The King Machine. It's pretty fun!

Very impressed with the land creation... Just a few rolls instantly gave me a really interesting starting point.

Test character was super quick and effective. Supported my initial concept without any unneeded cruft.

Now I just need to convince some people to play a game. Nice to know I already have a starting land when I do.
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Given the announced demise of G+, I'm trying out MeWe after seeing a lot of good buzz about it. Find me at
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For those of you have been asking about the "More Weirdness" project...

It's now being published in association with Evil Hat Productions (as the main rulebook is), instead of me doing everything as I originally planned. The good news is that this will mean it's a much better print product, but the bad news is that means it takes longer to get it finished.

It's going to be called Tome of Mysteries.

We're currently finalising layout, but there's a way left to go. Be patient! You will be able to get yourself a copy when the stars are right.

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Joshua A C Newman just launched this one. I've heard good stuff about this game.

Hey podcasters/streamers/actual play broadcasters,

I'd like to put up a page linking to any and all MotW actual plays available to listen/watch. If you've got some, please give me a link to them and I'll include it.


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I do have one thing to show off! +Juan Ochoa did some more art for foes, shown here in sticker-on-token form for my demo kit. Heroes up top, foes at the bottom.

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Generic Games update (which includes a Heavy Metal Æons update)!

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Generic Games update: a couple of MotW things in there.

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Hey, any RPG industry types with a current "what's a reasonable per-word" rate for freelancers these days?

In particular, for a non-exclusive license to use text where the author retains copyright & ownership.
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