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Hello #travelers, adventurers and time-space teleporters!
We have a treat for you! Starting today, we introduce you a compilation of some of the best travel #offers out there.
Do you want to #visit the other end of the world on a budget? We got you covered.
Head over to our website and browse through our offers. Yes, the prices are real, final and they include #roundtrip #tickets and all other taxes. We will keep these updated and we are open to any requests you may have.

#FlyingLemurs - home to offers you cannot refuse.
Don't believe us? Check out the testimonial below.
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Step right up and grab a muffin, ‘cause we are open!

That’s right folks, the lemur team have worked around the clock for this. If we could roll up the red carpet for each one of you, we would, however what we can do is invite you to our website! Go ahead, have a look, and when you are ready, send us a request.

Oh and of course, don’t forget to follow us on social media, spread the love, and share our thoughts. You never know what contests, prizes or other goodies we might prepare for you in the future, or what offers you might get in our newsletter.

We’ll be waiting for you. Cheers!
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