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I shared this over on the book of the face. I think I need to also post it here. I hope it helps some understand how we've ended up where we are right now.

I think the same fire and sense of "It's all just BROKEN" that fueled Bernie Sanders' wild popularity in the primary and beyond is what fueled the Trump machine. Just different sides of the coin. Same idea of what's broken but radically different ideas of how to fix it.


This started out as a response to friend saying they couldn't understand how anyone could put such hate [Trump] into a leadership position. After writing the book below, I thought it needed its own post. I have streamlined replies to other's responses into one post.
Honestly? I think, though we HEAR the most about hate, the real reason Trump won is the ongoing major class war between rural and city, rich and poor. Rural life is dying. People are dying, suicides among young people in rural areas are through the roof, there is no opportunity without moving to the big city, and to move requires more money than many can string together, whether they want to or not. He addressed them, they bought it. He says he'll bring back jobs and work and dignity to rural communities that are dying out. They bought it. Do I believe anything that left his mouth? No, if his lips are moving, he's probably lying. The media, the elites, pollsters and 'experts' (who ALL live/work/exist in the city bubble) completely underestimated / ignored the rural quotient.
And the rural folks, in their turn, responded to his addressing them, in simple terms, saying he'll fix it (whether you actually believe him) and pandering to them. They largely seem to have taken the view of ...he's flawed (like so many movie heroes are now days), but he's talking about maybe making my life better, while she's alien and will just make it worse.
I keep having to remind myself, the opinion polls on topics still show majority-to-large majority support of most of the issues I find important - LBGQT [equal] rights, immigration, climate change, feminism, equality, etc. This does not seem to have changed, despite the election.
The terribly scary part is, the minority of those who were wound up in that side of this toxic campaign are taking the win as license and approval for all the horrible behavior they want to do and Trump endorsed. It is now our job, as a society, to make it exceptionally clear, that kind of behavior is completely unacceptable. We can not sit by.
So, as I sit here in a county that went 58% trump, 39% clinton, I have to remind myself, the friends and acquaintances I have here who voted Trump are not mean and nasty people. I don't think they are racists. So, it must be the above that lead them to their decision I still have a difficult time grasping.
<I was asked if I was saying there was anything wrong with rural life>
As a way of life? As a place to live? No, not at all. I've chosen, on purpose, to live in a county of just 62,000 people over roughly 1800 sqmi. But I look around me and watch cities, towns, hamlets dying. Where their biggest export is educated children. And I can understand the desperation and fear. I am one of the few, lucky, privileged ones who can get work not location dependent.
My county is struggling with the lumber industry and fishing industries cutting back, closing mills, environmental regulations curtailing how much they can clearcut, etc. The answer isn't deregulate and let them free-for-all, but I can sympathize with the desperation and provincialism that won't look to new sources of income for a region.
I have moved from Boston MA, to Lowell MA, to Yakima WA, and now down to Coos County, OR. Each move was to a less urban, more rural area. By choice, and luxury, given I am able to work remotely in my chosen field. The really interesting thing is, as a queer, fat, polyamorous woman, I'm actually treated far better in Yakima and Coos County, then I ever was back east. Kind of blows the mind. Many would think the opposite would be the case.

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Wow, look at this picture of those fires, +James Sena !
Towering "fire clouds" (pyrocumulus) erupt over wildfires in California and Oregon.

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I feel the need to share these for multiple people in my life...

This is super powerful... Mary Lambert - Body Love (Part 1 & 2)  -- spoken word over music about body image and being worth more than some other's outside opinion of you.  Not sure if it could be trigger-y for some, but is very powerful and affirming, in the end.

And for a pick-me-up after that, this one always makes me happy: Mary Lambert - She Keeps Me Warm (2013 Version)

Life, it is crazy!  Scrambing through last minute packing for May Crown AND for a week away on business.  Officially start new job on Monday at client-site in DC, but have been doing prep-work for it all week.  SO happy final checks came in today from old job, that makes things a LOT better than it was shaping up to be.  

Have 2 pots of soup simmering away on the stove, 1 for leftovers for the week for my husband, 1 to bring to crown for dinner tonight.  Laundry's probably ready to be shifted.  I... this is nuts, no time, too much to do!  Shuttle bus to the airport leaves 5am Sunday morning.  Sleep is for the weak!

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Dear +Richard Branson,

I've been paying a bit of attention to you recently. I've seen that you're interested in the importance of #Storytelling , and that you've been helping Sam Branson encourage people to literally go the distance and reach new heights with the STRIVE challenge. You're focused on innovation, trying new things, and pushing into the future.

So am I.

I am a graduate student, currently working on my Masters degree in English, as well as a published writer in several genres. Fantasy, Steampunk, Science Fiction, Horror - I like each severally, but I especially like mixing them together to develop new connections, to find new stories to tell and new elements to express from old stories.

As part of both this interest and my studies, I've been accepted to a summer semester at Oxford University, to study the Oxford Fantasists. It's an exciting prospect - and funding it almost had me stop myself before I even applied. But it's an opportunity I refused to not throw myself at, and I've got the chance to go.

The problem, of course, is getting there.

I've been crowdfunding as much of the trip as I can, using +Indiegogo - But I also wanted to reach out to you for help.

As you may have heard, +Amtrak has recently implemented a program granting writers-in-residence to writers who ride their trains and write their stories, and I love that idea. Moreover, I don't think it's one that needs to be restricted to the confines of the continental United States.

Given your devotion to innovation and storytelling, and the clear joy that you take in interesting new projects, I am writing to request a similar program in conjunction with +Virgin Atlantic. I want to work with you, and be your first Writer In Residence on an international flight, writing part of a short story on the trip from Boston to Heathrow, to get to Oxford, and the rest on the way home.

What better fantasy has there ever been, than for mankind to fly?



Es schnee!  It's finally actually snowing.  First time this year.  Ah, I've missed this.

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Good morning! Starting the Monday laughing at this Space Oddity spoof: Space Oddity (ft. Chris Hadfield and Glove and Boots)

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1 batch of bread (tsoureki) mixed, kneaded and doing first rising. Need to get a bigger bowl for next time. I forgot how exhausting manhandling that large and dense a batch of bread is, especially when work surfaces are too high for me to use more than my arms for power generation.

Will probably do some galaktobouriko later, of I'm not totally exhausted.

#HeyInternetLookAtMyFood! #bread #yumyumyum 
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The visuals, the story.  <3 <3 <3

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Current set of beads I'm making in The Outland's colours.  I have at least 7 more to go.  Need to get one more, different colour green. Hoping to find one that doesn't interact with the yellow.
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