Hey everyone on March 21-24 I will be participating in a Kairos week end at Nash Correctional Institute in Nashville NC. This is a four day event in which Residents(inmates) are shown God's agape love. A group of volunteers go into the prison and feed teach and most of all love,love,listen,listen. This is our way of introducing them to our friend Jesus. It is non demonational in nature or as I like to put it a Kingdom thing. We the volunteers pput aside all our denominational differences and go forth with the love of Christ. One of the ways we show these men that they are loved is prayer chain. Simpl loops of construction paper with the names of People that have committed to pray for them during the event. I am asking that you consider making that committment and responding with your yes. I will add your first name only to the chain. Thanks for considering this and responding. God bless´╗┐
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