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Purple IT and Business Consultancy
Bridging the Gap Between Business and Technology
Bridging the Gap Between Business and Technology


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The Risk Free Office Relocation Checklist

An office relocation is one of the most stressful events in the life of a business and its staff. There are a number of challenges that we plan to cover in this paper including, Gaining an accurate view of your current IT assets, Planning and testing your office move and Securing the right Office Relocation Plan with the right resources. -

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Purple Director Alistair Sergeant Announced as Judge for FStech awards 2014.
Now into its 14th year, the FStech Awards recognises excellence and innovation in the field of information technology within the UK and EMEA financial services sector.

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Purple launch Unified Communications strategy service
4th September 2013
Unified Communications
The world of Unified Communications (UC) is one of the most talked about technology offerings in today’s market. 
Is it hype or  is there real business value to be had from adopting it?
Purple, a leading independent technology consultancy has spent a significant amount of time in seeing Unified Communications evolve over the years and have been at the forefront of advising customers on what this really means in terms of business advantage. Most importantly Purple can then demonstrate how UC can be successfully adopted into an organisation.
What is it?
“IP Telephony, Mobile, Microsoft Lync, Cisco Jabber, Social Media, Contact Centre, Web and Audio Conferencing”
Without a doubt, if you were to speak to 10 different people you would get 10 different answers on what Unified Communications is all about. 
What Unified Communications actually means is to bring together all the various methods of how you communicate, be it by email, telephone, instant message or social media into one interface and enable a user to communicate in the most effective way available at any given time .
Where does it fit into my organisation?
Jumping on the UC bandwagon is easy, but where does it really fit into your organisation?
It sounds simple and is often missed .  It’s key to identify the actual business case for Unified Communication prior to doing anything else. Some typical examples of where it can add true business advantages are organisations that can relate to any of the following;
· Remote offices
· Mobile workers
· Multiple communication platforms
· Ability to provide Disaster Recovery capabilities
Here are some examples of how Unified Communications can help a business without going into specific business objectives ;
· Wanting to improve internal communication—less email
· Provide a more intimate customer service
· Allow for strategic growth without losing communication capabilities
The list goes on, but either way, if done properly Unified Communications can absolutely assist in delivering that key business objective.
How to build a successful UC strategy
If not already, your organisation is likely to have been approached by any number of technology companies with the best product or service for you. 
Whilst in some cases this may be true, until the business case has been identified and an impartial strategy has been delivered, it’s easy to be led down a route which isn't necessarily going to meet your objectives.
At Purple we aren't shy in being vendor independent, in fact we are very proud of it.   It’s imperative to let the requirements drive the technology adopted and not let the technology drive what you as a business are trying to achieve.
The next important consideration is user adoption. 
Working with Unified Communications since its inception always tells us one thing.  The technology is there and works, how you get users to adopt this change and embrace it is where the real skill is required.
Purple has spent a number of years in developing our Unified Communications adoption blueprint.  This has proven to be a very successful methodology in adopting this technology and its one we are proud to share with our clients.  
Why Purple
Purple works closely with its customers in building a robust Unified Communications strategy from the bottom up with key stakeholders in the business. 
Once the business case and objectives have been defined and agreed, Purple will use its knowledge of technology and trusted partners to deliver the required service and remain engaged with our clients until the project has been fully executed. 
Using the Purple UC adoption blueprint, Purple assists clients by continuing to measure the UC adoption and look at continual improvements and changes as and when required.!news-blog/c146i

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New Virtual CTO Consultancy Purple, reveal service offering.

Purple - a business and technology led organisation are pleased to announce its Virtual CTO services.

Purple makes understanding a client’s business a priority and then translates this into a technology service to underpin the business objectives. Purple are a people business and do not align themselves with any specific product, vendor or technology.

Co-Founders Alistair Sergeant and Stuart McClean are pleased to announce the launch of the Purple Virtual CTO service.

What is a CTO

A Chief Technology Officer is a key executive role inside an organisation whose responsibility is to understand the business drivers and align a technology to meet the business objectives. As technology advances are continually changing, it’s imperative that a business leverages these changes to deliver true competitive advantage.

Whilst the CTO position is an important and key part to the business not every organisation warrants this as full time role. Two considerations why a business may not employ a full time CTO are, from a cost prospective can the business afford this overhead, or that to acquire the talent required to deliver the desired results there simply isn't a big enough requirement to keep the individual engaged long enough.

The Virtual CTO

Purple have created a new way for business to adopt a CTO into their organisation without the associated overheads and responsibilities normally associated with such a position.

The Virtual CTO's will bridge the Gap between the Business Vision and the Technical decisions that need to be made to support it. By providing the services of multiple Senior IT Director's you can take advantage of a vast pool of knowledge and experience taken from years of working across many business sectors and disciplines.

The Purple virtual CTO service is a pool of highly experienced senior IT executives whose founders have worked closely with over the years and share the same values and passion for business and technology.

The team at Purple have a proven track record to communicate at board Level as well as throughout organisations on any technical issue from overall IT strategy to day to day business requirements. They can direct any IT Function in-house or outsourced, in a structured manner and in a language they understand to ensure they adhere to clear business deadlines.

This represents a direct cost to results service which can be tailored to any organisation no matter what the size. The customised Consultancy packages range from one off projects to regular on-going consultancy. Their Ideas are fresh and at the forefront of technology but with values that are strong and come from solid experience in business.

Purple's skills within the virtual CTO service cover infrastructure, communications, applications, programme management, and procurement. This unique and broad set of talent provides customers the confidence that Purple can meet the needs of any business no matter what the size or industry sector.

Founding partners, Stuart and Alistair, share a passion and a highly successful track record for driving business growth, differentiation and efficiency through the development of innovative technology strategies and solid IT infrastructures. Stuart and Alistair both possess a true understanding of business methodology and are able to offer highly functional technology consultancy expertise from a holistic business perspective.

Stuart and Alistair work with a highly dedicated team of Consultants at Purple. Our Consultants, driven by the same ethic and passion for business and technology, provide a unique mix of industry experience and an integrated approach, enabling a “one solution” offering for our clients.

Purple already have a Portfolio of clients across the Finance, Professional Services, New Media and Technology sectors and are looking forward to expanding their client base in this exciting marketplace.

Notes to Editors

About Purple Independent Consultancy
At Purple, we bridge the gap between our client’s business vision and the technical decisions that need to be made to support it. By providing the services of multiple CTO’s, consultants and solutions architects, our clients can take advantage of a vast pool of expert knowledge and cumulative experience encompassing many business sectors and disciplines.

Core services include:
• Working with businesses to create technology strategies and roadmaps to facilitate efficiency and business growth
• Investigation and architecture of innovative technology solutions to realise corporate goals
• Management of technology projects and leadership of in-house or outsourced project teams
• Implementation of technology strategy
• Independent IT procurement process management and guidance
• Customised IT consultancy

Specialties - Virtual CTO, IT Strategy, Solutions Architecture, IT Procurement, Enterprise Project Management, Unified Comms, IT Outsourcing, Cloud Technologies, New Media, Finance, Application Development

For further information about Purple, please contact:
+44 (0) 207 608 5060

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