Post from any feed to Google+ (via email-to-SMS) using

Update: Great News! Google expanded to 43 countries their Google+ SMS features, find the list of countries at .

Please add and activate your Google Voice number at before proceeding.

Note 1: For India G+ers, please substitute 33669 (United States) below for 9222222222 (India). Find the numbers for the additional 41 countries at

Note 2: The #ifttt servers won't post instantly to Google+, wait times can range from 1-15 mins.

Note 3: If you wanna avoid G+ SMS replies simply "block" the number in your Google Voice. You'll still be able to send messages to the number.

1) Make sure the Text Forwarding is set in your Google Voice, GV, settings. We are looking for the special email address you get back from Google+ SMS., e.g., {yourGVnumber}.33669.{special_characters_here}

Note: From +Mike Elgan's article, "Your secret email address should look something like this:"

2) Send a test SMS, from your GV number, to 33669. You'll get a SMS back with "Google+: Did not understand the request."

3) Go to gmail and record the email address from the message you got in Step 2., e.g., {yourGVnumber}.33669.{special_characters_here}

4) Go to Google+ settings and add your Google Voice number as your phone.

5) Add the email from Step 3 to the "To address" field.

6) (Optional) Add additional options from to the "Body" field.
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