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I Wonder Where I Went
In the past two years I've noticed something about my writing that has changed and I am not happy with what I see. As a new widow turning age sixty I wrote with passion. No subject was taboo. Too many widow books spoke of grief, I wanted to talk about getti...

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    My goal when I turn 70. The fabulous Helen Mirren reminds me it's not over it's just beginning.       It's time for a new look on this blog. I've been fragmented for too many years, trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up (career behind me but...

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The Wrong Turn
There may be a GPS in my future. I have been fighting getting one for sometime now. But today made me think strongly I should get on Amazon and order one. With Prime it will be here in two days.. Once again, I got lost on my way to someplace really great. I...

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Moving On
If you know me, you know how much I love houses. I've talked and written about my desire to sell my house of many years , the home I shared with my husband, and find a cottage of my own.  A place to again jump start my life and get my creative juices flowin...

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Ready, Set, Go
     Yes, please. I'm ready.         My mantra for the coming year is Ready, Set, Go . It took an
Oracle Card reading to prove to me good things are on the way, especially if I work hard. This year has been especially difficult for me, and frankly, I
have d...

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My Little Gardening Library
    I love this quote, but if you know me there is one more important ingredient to give me everything I need. . . my dogs!       Years ago when I was more an antique dealer than I writer, I collected vintage gardening books and made a special place for the...

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The Jane Austen Book Club
Ok. I admit I am smitten with this movie. It is on my all time list of favorites. Watching this movie is like visiting with old friends. Based on the novel with the same title, written by Karen Joy Fowler in 2005, the movie came out in 2007.   This is my bo...

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You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover . . .
What makes you buy a book? But the cover can
certainly make you buy the book. At least for me, the cover is what draws me to
a book in the first place. I am a visual person, my senses enhanced by what I
see. My urge to spend money also ignited by something ...

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The Old New York Bookshop: Treasured Memories
Early photo of Cliff Graubart at The Old New York Book Shop. (Photo from The Old New York Bookshop Press )          Quirky,
independent bookshops are my favorite. Granted I fall prey to Barnes &
Noble as a great place to hang out on a dateless Saturday nigh...

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Fantasy to Fiction
I have a house fantasy. I call it The Cottage In My Mind . I even started a blog to write about my dream house and other houses that fascinated me. The blog was not so much to be entertaining, with its lovely photos and work in progress on my own house, a l...
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