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James Preston
Known on the internet as hatchywatchy!
Known on the internet as hatchywatchy!

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Well I've been away from my house since Saturday night, I got back last night and walking toward my house I noticed the alarm was flashing.

My first thought was a false alarm, and I felt bad for my neighbours having to listen to that noise over the weekend.

I unlocked the door, reset the alarm and heard a noise.

I stood silent for a few seconds and there it was again, a feint squeak. Within 3 seconds I had it was the floor boards upstairs squeaking, where an 8 foot burgler lay in wait.

I shook the thought from my head and listened properly, it sounded more like a mouse or some kind of creature. After a quick scout around I saw a pair of eyes looking at me from the top of the stair case.

It turns out a cat must have bolted in the front door as I was leaving on Saturday and ended up getting locked in. After knocking on the neighbours door I found out his name was Morris and belonged to one of the houses at the top of the street. He's a friendly little character and so I treated him to so pilchards as an apology for keeping him prisoner.

Now my next problem, how do you get your house to stop smelling of cat pee?!
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Some Halloween fun!
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