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A blogger, gamer, developer, etc.
A blogger, gamer, developer, etc.

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Town of Salem Glitch
Town of Salem Glitch I discovered a super cool glitch in town of salem, but instead of reporting it, why not enjoy it first? It took me days of playing on custom to confirm this glitch is true. If you have a correction to my results, please comment.  It wor...

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Comic TIme
Comic First I apologize for the lack of posts, however if you follow me on Twitter you'll at least know that I am not off the grid. You could say I got more responsibilities in life. And that has made me learn about so much stuff. About politics, economics,...

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Mourning for the plane crash
Yesterday, there was unspeakable news that shook my heart and I felt I need to share the impact of these lost lives with my students. The Germanwings plane crash left no survivors, brutally taking away from us all these wonderful lives, 19 of which were pur...

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Android Wear is Flawed and Here's Why
Android Wear is Flawed Here’s why      RIP smart watches. The reality is that both iOS’ wear and Android wear operating systems have a core mistake that make us misuse technology, unless we find a real use for the monstrosity we pack in these accessories. W...
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