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Most of my categories are way-too-personal on how much I want to share. It’s me and my thoughts wide open and no holding back. Yeah, I just love the way I am.
Most of my categories are way-too-personal on how much I want to share. It’s me and my thoughts wide open and no holding back. Yeah, I just love the way I am.

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The Guy I Never Noticed
It's been a while since I posted a blog entry. Honestly, I've been going through a tough times last 2016 and I dont feel like writing. So, I wasted my time browsing through Instagram and watching Korean dramas every night after work while I'm going through ...

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No closure is somehow closure
Before I take myself a break, now is the right time for me to voice out and let this feelings go away for closure (no future hopes and promises, nothing else but closure at least for myself), which is the reason why I am writing this entry here in my blog. ...

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A Giant Swing at Sandbox in Alviera, Porac, Pampanga
Do you love swinging on the swings? I admit, this is my favorite playground equipment when I was young. I'm sure nothing beats the feeling when you're with your friends in the playground and push each other going back and forth. Higher and higher. And, when...

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The Perfect Escape
This confession story is a continuation of my latest entry - Thrill of Freedom . Again, in the late summer of that year, I was so innocent and happy without a care in this world as long as I enjoy the taste of freedom. It's nice to bring back the good memor...

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Swim with Whale Shark
Must Do This! I went with him last 2013 here to watch these animals so close up. Here I am! Got a chance to swim near the whale shark for 30 minutes limit and of course, there are some rules and regulations to follow that you have to be aware of. No hand-fe...

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Cliff Diving in Buho Rock, Camotes
Perfect spot for beginner! What to do when you see a high cliff? TRY jumping off a cliff! It was the summer of 2015, our fourth stop where our tour guide brought us here at Buho Rock. A Php20 is collected as an entrance fee. We were simply enjoying the view...

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Thrill of Freedom
I was feeling exhilarated by the thrill of freedom in the late summer nights just to test my independence. 2011 is one of the most important year of my life for some reason. I was spending my vacation in my aunt's house for almost 2 months. One time, my you...

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The Catastrophic History You and Me
Weekend Reading Tell me, what do you do to kill time? There are a lot of activities you can do during your free time. But, I definitely spend my free time on what I enjoy doing. So, here I am reading the story of LOVE after death this kind of weekend. I gue...

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Hot Air Balloon Festival
A weekend of everything that flies! I’ve dreamed about hot air ballooning for years because it has always been at the top of my bucket list. And I know, this is on most people's bucket list too. When I was thinking about this, I asked myself - "How romantic...
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