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 @nathanjsnow: To find your #authentic #self, put it in writing. That’s a too-short summation of the work of Dr. Susanna Williams of the University of Virginia,@UVA, whose eight-week workshop on writing and #mindfulness helps students grapple with the question of how to access the more creative parts of the brain.

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Join entertainment executive and author Nathan Snow for a 30 minute real time TweetChat on Wednesday, February 6 @ 10 a.m. PST.

1. Register for the event by accepting this  invitation

2. On February 6th from 10:00 - 10:30 a.m. PST join the TweetChat by going to , click on the "Sign In" button, and choose to "Authorize App" for your twitter account.

NOTE: The hash tag to enter the chat is #breakconflict

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Join Wednesday's "TweetChat" with author @nathanjsnow of Break Your Addiction to Conflict: 12 Tools to Quiet the Mind,

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"Nathan Snow's 12 tools have helped me take the conflict out of my life and stick it on the page where it belongs." Marc Hyman, screenwriter, Meet The Fockers, Osmosis Jones

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"Some of us who consider ourselves calm and peace-loving may be surprised to learn, with introspection, that we too have a lot of mental conflict going on that we just don't verbalize." Review of Nathan Snow's Break Your Addiction to Conflict: 12 Tools to Quiet the Mind. #Amazon

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Nathan Snow Interview Available on podcast
Hear @NathanJSnow interviewed on Break Your Addiction 2 Conflict last Friday on @BigBlendMag podcast. Becoming aware of your #gravitation toward conflict helps you break free of old #patterns of behavior and allows you to inhabit a new sense of #peace and #gratitude. Snow is a successful west coast entertainment executive who has been meditating and exploring transformational practices for over 15 years.

Two New Reviews of Break Your Addiction To Conflict
@goodreads, @spirituallounge review Break Your Addiction To Conflict: 12 Tools to Quiet the Mind,; "The biggest challenge in life is life itself. Do we know what drives our behavior?...How often do we continue to cling to mental struggles? How often do we respond to perceive annoyance? Hence this book that helps with spiritual freedom: about (being free) from the alluring conflicts and freeing the mind from it. Learning to #quiet the #mind!"

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Conflict Within Our Closest Communities
A resolution to change can be bolstered with outside disciplines—12-step programs, religion, or therapy, to name a few.

As you set off to meditate or go to church or a self-help gathering, as you weave your way through traffic or walk down a bustling street, view your actions as a pilgrimage. You are on a quest to improve yourself and break free from the bondage of conflict.

But what if the place you choose for help actually suffers from its own conflict? Even the best churches and other religious centers can fall into the same negative dynamics that you experience in other walks of life. One church in Boston, for instance, “stirred dissent” by voting to sell a nearly invaluable copy of “The Bay Psalm,” “a rare psalmbook…that could fetch up to $20 million at auction.”

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Break Your Addiction to Conflict: 12 Tools to Quiet the Mind_ offers a rich #variety of exercises for the reader who wants to stop #engaging in unhealthy conflict.”@ForeWordmag offers a review of Nathan J. Snow’s newly released book.

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Nathan J. Snow's radio interview is today, January 25, beginning 4 p.m. PST on! Call the talk show Friday at (347) 637-2641 and ask Nathan about his recently published book Break Your Addiction to Conflict: 12 Tools to Quiet the Mind.
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