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The Bookshop House
An independent digital publishing house & workshop
An independent digital publishing house & workshop

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"This is just one more step in the ongoing and absurdly fast-paced evolution of the ebook market."

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We're looking to become a B Corp. What is a B Corp?, you might ask.

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The humble beginnings of our website is up.

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This coincides with our Summer crowdfunding strategy and could be a fun time.
We are going to be running a fundraiser (indiegogo or Kickstarter) in June to raise $12,000 toward providing our services to deserving charities. If you have a suggestion for charities - these needn't necessarily be 501(c)s but they must be causes that people are likely to want to help support, or are a member of one yourselves - please contact us.

Our mission is to build a world-wide community that allows anyone & everyone to harness the power of digital publishing by providing the tools and resources required to compete and succeed in the global ebook marketplace.

We aim to provide a collaborative space that will assist authors in developing the necessary skills to self-publish their own materials, while also giving non-U.S. authors the opportunity to maximize their reader base by publishing their works in the U.S. Kindle store.

With our "Pay what you want" annual membership pricing, we believe that doors can be opened and talents will be unleashed for the fortunate and less-fortunate alike.

We place high confidence in using technology to side-step traditional avenues of communication, collaboration, and the distribution of ideas. This is reflective of our general approach to business, as well as our continual analysis and forecasting of industry, marketing, and communications trends.

As a not-for-profit enterprise, we prioritize sustainability and reinvestment over quarterly earnings and exit strategies. We believe that perpetuating a strong and healthy global ecosystem of freely-expressed ideas and stories greatly outweighs a temporarily thickened wallet.

These ideals guide us on our journey. We invite you to join us.
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