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Heard of this before and a concern.... did you know that BONE CHINA , in Asia when I asked them what type of bone, they said human and animal....well that salesman said it.....beware.
Very interesting tip for finding vegan sugar that isn't labeled vegan.

Apparently the USDA doesn't consider Bone Char as Organic, so for sugar to be labeled as USDA Organic they have to use other refining methods.

The actual guide only approves
"Activated charcoal (CAS #s 7440-44-0; 64365-11-3)—only from vegetative sources; for use only as a filtering aid."

God man made, and he designed mans diet of SFN , Seeds Fruits and Nuts. So what do we have now? Vegans loving it. God brings good things back to our rememberance. Come join us.

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Welcome to SFN Diet TV. Here to hep you come on a journey to health and freedom from illness and pain.  Come join us on board. God's plan of Seeds Fruit & Nuts - THE SFN DIET - Gods plant based food.
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