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Kitty Antonik Wakfer
Seeker of truths of reality & promoter of liberty. Long distance high energy dancer.
Seeker of truths of reality & promoter of liberty. Long distance high energy dancer.


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+Sheldon Richman's key point, as I see it, is near the end and begins with: "I agree with my critics that Kyle did not make the policy committing the United States to war against Iraq. Politicians did that. But Kyle and other military participants carried out the policy. Without them, there would have been no policy. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney would have been making idle declarations. (What if they gave a war and nobody came?)"
Don't miss it, the few sentences that follow and the entire blog entry. This is a message I've written, tweeted, G+d, commented on for the past 10+ years (prompted by understanding the ideas & writings of my husband, +Paul Wakfer). It was so good to see someone else, someone whose writings I admire, write virtually the same thing.
Bravo, Sheldon!
#responsibility #Accountability #War #americansniper  
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Analysis of genome-wide associations obtained from the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium database (60k participants) was performed to find common pathways across three adult psychiatric disorders: schizophrenia, major depression and bipolar disorder. "Histone methylation processes showed the strongest association, and we also found statistically significant evidence for associations with multiple immune and neuronal signaling pathways and with the postsynaptic density."

A descriptive article on this analytical study and additional information from an interview with its lead author can be found in Medscape, for those who have access: [re. Medscape access see my comment below at end]

"The research team's disease-specific pathway analysis found that the top pathway for bipolar disorder is histone H3-K4 methylation. For schizophrenia, it is postsynaptic density; and for MDD, protein phosphatase type 2A regulator activity was the top pathway.
"Because these disorders overlap, the researchers also carried out analyses across disorders, sort of aggregating the signals across pathways, said Dr O'Dushlaine. For example, he explained, in bipolar disorder, the genetic association might be at the start of a pathway and [in] schizophrenia at the end of that same pathway."
"... According to the authors, histone methylation mechanisms play a role in the coordination of complex cognitive processes such as long-term memory and in conditions from addiction to schizophrenia to neurodegeneration. Histone pathways have previously been studied in cancer and with regard to the immune pathway in infectious disease."
The article continues referencing Dr O'Dushlaine: "It looks like immune genes do have a role" in mental illnesses, but because that area of the genome is so large, it will take a lot of work to "disentangle" it, he said. "

Dr O'Dushlaine, and likely that of the Medscape author, are focused on patentable pharmaceuticals. "The idea here is to design drugs that are genetically informed instead of a drug that just happens to work for whatever reason. It works because it's targeting a deficit."

Now I'm going to share a little of my bipolar history, though I've written of this before in greater detail (  In mid-Sept 2003 I had my last manic episode, which was precipitated by a bad sinus cold, lack of restful sleep for several days, a cross-Atlantic flight with ensuing jet lag and attendance at a highly stimulating biogerontology conference. Within 3 days of our arrival in England I was clearly hypomanic, but when OTC measures (very limited in England) were unsuccessful in bringing on sleep and I became worse, husband Paul arranged for emergency return back across the Atlantic. Several weeks of intense care by Paul at home followed, w/ medical oversight by a Toronto psychiatrist including psychoactive drugs, getting me back eventually to just low dose daily lithium (which I had ceased taking many months before episode).

Since that event I've described, my immune system and overall longevity promoting practices have received far more attention than previously. I've had few sinus colds and none in past 5 yrs that I've been even more diligent with pre-emptive pulsatile nasal irrigation at the very first signs of nasal/sinus irregularity or airborne environmental pollutant exposure. Our attention to highly nutritious but low calorie diet (and intermittent fasting), regular physical activity and a judicious variety of supplements have been major parts of our healthy longevity practices during our active years of Even more so to me, with our work in developing (though Paul has been aware for decades through his own earlier studies) it has been clearly evident that the strong interplay of bodily systems can not be minimized, let alone forgotten, by concentrating on just 1,  2  or even 3 aspects.

In these 11-1/2 yrs since that last manic episode I have not come even close to a repeat. I credit it to my overall far better physical health, plus increased knowledge of the benefits of restful sleep and its practical acquisition, and also the maintenance of (at least one) close social relationship.

We at are working to provide all the information a subscriber will need to continue a current state of good health and vitality with only minor negative changes until at least 120 years of age. This is a multi-factorial challenge because healthy longevity is a multifactorial goal, involving all the many body systems. However, we are strongly convinced that scientific knowledge has now arrived at a point where enlightened actions to embrace and practice all currently known health and longevity measures, plus some reasonable good fortune, will enable us and eventual subscribers to avoid major aging dysfunctions while riding a wave of evidence-based life extending advances into the future.

So, to the longevity-seekers who have a life-sciences background and want to learn more for now usage (rather than waiting for the far future), while earning and investing in as science literature researchers and writers, see: AND pass the word too.

PS re. Medscape articles: I suspect that Medscape does not enable general public access to its articles as a way to limit the information that non-approved health practitioners acquire; this keeps more people seeking treatment rather than utilizing preventative measures, even if some sought advice from those more knowledgeable.
#mentalillness #longevity #lifeextension #health #mentalillness #mentalhealthawareness  
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My goal is to live a very long healthy life - maybe even 120 years or more
Drug company Pfizer's new "Fear of Getting Old" project is glitzy but is narrow in its recommendations. The quiz too won't make much sense unless you're about  30 or well acquainted with what goes on with many that age - which I do :) And you won't get a "Chairman of the Board" score at the end, like I did, unless you're already practicing (at least) the dysfunction/degeneration that they consider beneficial. I do "the right things" as part of my work with
Want to learn and earn while you add value to this project for bringing it actively online? Got a science background or interest sufficient for being a science literature researcher and writer?

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There is a 3rd choice to what is presented - NOT to interact at all with those who will not use reasoned thinking and choose to initiate force. Withdraw or do not initiate voluntary interaction with these types of people. Socially preference against them in contrast to socially preferencing FOR those who are reasoned thinkers and NOT physical force initiators, or are fully responsible for the harm they cause when they do (rarely) use unpermitted force.

Thinking that force is the only recourse against those initiating force is not just a simple mistake. It can itself perpetuate the cycle of physical force in human interactions. Returning physical should be a rare occurrence and only when removing one's self & using negative Social Preferencing would instead bring on immediate and grave physical harm to one's self and/or loved ones.

Don't forget the 3rd option, which when done fully by most/all people against Harm-Doers (shunned/ostracized) would leave them without any way to exist in society unless they ceased.

And yes, Governments/States do NOT support reasoned thinking. A malleable society does not consist of reasoned thinking individuals.
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Ginger and more for longevity
Fresh ginger is part of our multi-ingredient "tea", more of an infusion. Just finished assembling 6 makings in jars to be used over next week+. We drink multiple cups each day, more when fasting, every third day; for stimulation of autophagy, a life-extending mechanism. All for healthy #longevity !

Much more will be available via Currently our major requirement for bringing this Internet tool to fruition is more science literature researchers/writers, for salary and investment. Please see our want-ad for yourself or to pass along to others:
Job hunting in longevity or life-extension? Think wider! Check us out!
How Ginger Tea Helps Digestion and Reduces Bloating and Gas
Ginger is a pungent, fiery rhizome with many health benefits. This article will focus on how ginger tea can help with digestion, stomach gas and flatulence.
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Want an exciting challenging longevity-related position while learning more yourself?
#jobs #investment  
Originally shared by ****
I invite serious comments, critiques and rebuttals to the thesis described in the following paragraph, on which the approach of the project is based.

The Live120Plus thesis is that if you embrace and practice every one of the hundreds of activities and therapies in every area of human health and longevity science, which activities and therapies peer-reviewed science journal published research has shown in a mammalian or human study to reduce the risk of or to ameliorate one or more human diseases, disorders or dysfunctions, to partially rejuvenate some aspect of human physiology or to actually increase healthful longevity, then you may well be able to remain healthy with adequate function for a worthwhile life until 120 years of age (given that you are not already dysfunctional or diseased when you begin and that you carefully avoid unnecessary overt risks to your person and your health). This thesis is based on the simple logic that if you constantly work to increase the age of onset of each and every disease, disorder and dysfunction that might become the effective cause of your death, then it is not clear that and how you will ever die (although clearly the accumulation of cellular damage of one form or another is such that with currently available approaches, not all such mortalities can be indefinitely delayed).

Obviously, realizing this thesis as scientifically supported, organized yet practical regimens of action is a mammoth task that will require several dozen man years before it can be adequately ready for clients. Therefore the most urgent need of the Live120Plus project is to have several additional health/longevity scientific literature researchers/writers join the development team. All current team members are, and all new team members must be, longevists practicing some health/longevity methods, who adopt Live120Plus Team recommendations as they are developed and who will make all their practices, health assessments and parameter test results open to clients of Live120Plus. If you are interested in joining our team please read the public pages at, particularly the help-wanted page and follow the application instructions. If you are not qualified or interested in joining us then helping us to find people who are so qualified and interested would be greatly appreciated. The team functions as collaborative entrepreneurs (Partners and Associates) with input from everyone working on a private development wiki. We pay a combination of salary plus investment in the project, starting at industry standard levels, but after the first 6 months, based on an assessment by the Partners of each team member's contributed value during the previous 6 month period.
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Don't know if this fellow - not Scott Reiboldt who just shared it - registered with registry.

Here's my own adoption search info, copied from my G+ About page:
BM ISO bson DOB 1/24/68 NYC adopted thru Cath Ch Paterson NJ -
[translated "search" jargon: BirthMother in search of birth son Date of Birth]
Come on G+ , Spread this !
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I'm reposting an item because it can't be said often enough:
Much needed history lesson for those who swallow Zionist Israeli, "Palestine was empty before we came" or MSM, "Jews & Arabs have always been fighting". Nope! Problems began (slowly) when England started moving European Jews into Palestine post WWI, Balfour Declaration. It's gotten worse ever since, with unmistakable Israeli "cleansing" of the Arab population beginning even before it was declared a formal State. The creation of a State by other States, and would not continue in its actions against Palestinians without USGov support, promoted by pro-Israeli Jews, evangelical Christians and most of US MSM. A recommended watch...
#Israel #Palestine #War #Hatred #Peace #history  
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Parasites are a problem even in the "developed" areas of the world. It's not just a "third world" issue, as many might think. "Giardia cysts can survive in lakes, ponds, creeks and streams. You can become infected if you drink or accidentally swallow water while you swim." And many areas, especially in Canada's "cottage country", use lake water for numerous food-related purposes even if not for direct ingestion.

This papaya seed smoothie recipe is one I have saved. Thanks to +Superfood Profiles!
A Parasite Killing Papaya Seed Smoothie Recipe
How to use papaya seeds for parasites and human intestinal worms and a recipe to make up a parasite killing smoothie that tastes great and has lots of positive feedback.
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Life Science Literature Researchers/Writers Wanted

Do you have interest in longevity with knowledge of human biology, nutrition, biochemistry and physiology? Do you have skills in scientific literature research, organizing and reporting?

The creators of are strongly convinced that scientific knowledge has now arrived at a point where enlightened actions to embrace and practice all currently known health and longevity measures, plus some reasonable good fortune, will enable us and you to avoid major aging dysfunctions while riding a wave of evidence-based life extending advances into the future. It is exactly all such measures, and the fully integrated consistent practice of them, that we will present on this website, and fully enable future subscribers to personally utilize.

This is a major task of enormous potential value to those who want to be vigorously healthy for a very long time!

Therefore Live120Plus - - is looking for more dedicated team members located anywhere who meet the social, psychological and philosophical requirements for the exciting objective and unique organization of our project, to be paid in combination of salary and investment based on value added to the project.

Please see for more details and contact information.

#jobs #science #longevity
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