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The End of Uni-Life.. I'm Struggling...
After a year of break, here I am writing again. My last post was in 2015, and I stop writing in 2016 due to packed schedule and studying so hard for my Law degree, so now I'm back to blog again 'cos I have nothing to do at the moment a.k.a jobless after I h...

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You're Such A Bitch, Girl
So here am I.. after months of not writing in this blog, I finally come back and writing stuff again. The funny thing is that, this time I was so pissed off that I decided to write down every shit that happened. And yes, I used the not-good-words already. S...

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Trying To Live Life
I feel like I'm not alive at the moment. There's something empty inside of me. This is weird when in the middle of pack schedule of lectures, tutorials and also activities, I feel something killing me inside. I don't what it is, but it does affect my feelin...

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How I Did Before and How Can I, For Now?
Its near the end of January now.. Pheww~ time flies so fast ne.. Can't believe it has been one month since the new year.. So, what have I done for the past one month? NOTHING. Dammit.. Why do I always wasting my time for sleeping and useless things. *Damn l...

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A Growing Up Woman
It has been 28 days since 2015 come and bring a new year to me. This is a year that I'm gonna be a 22 years old lady. How time flies so fast. I started writing blog since I'm 18 years old. Been telling stories ever since that. The happiness, sadness, strugg...

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I'm Getting Older
It's been two months since my last post. I was busy with working. Then, right after I enter UM again for new semester, I was busy with my activities and studying. Well, not rili studying. I am very left out in studying for the past 8 weeks. I focus more on ...

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How Lonely I Can Be?
It's 21 August today, it been more than a month since my last post here. I got a job last month as a promoter at Isetan KLCC, so I was damn busy with my working life and I don't have time to write anything here. My exam result was out last month too. I did ...

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Brother That I Used to Know
Hello bloggie.. It's been a month since I did not wrote anything here.. Well June was the most hectic month for me. It was month of final exam so I was damn busy to prepare for exam and to get a good grades and better pointer for this semester two. I learnt...

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The Perks of Being a Law Student
Near the end of May, I'm not feeling good. Or even bad. I'm feeling empty. The perks of being a Law Student : You know you're screwed. All those whom study in Law School, they are aware of 'nothing is impossible in Law School'. Like it or not, if you choose...

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Today, April 28.
Today I have a bad day. Everything
pun sudah start ndak baik. I woke up late. I have class at 8a.m, and I only
woke up at 8a.m. So   I was late for 1
hour, I arrived at 9a.m for the class. *sigh. I was sitting alone because
Sarah was absent today. She’s my ...
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