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Attention Time Travelers-- There's a whole new chapter to investigate in Gardens of Time. Check out Tortuga Tavern, Easter Island, and all the new scenes today! Play now -

Also, new grid sizes are unlocked!
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When do I get my neighbors back?? It has been 6 weeks!!!!
anybody wants a neighbour? add me, please
I'm in the same situation as Marcianna. My neighbors ladder is stuck at loading. I cannot visit, I cannot expand. I cannot play the game the way it is supposed to be played. And insult to injury, the option to report a problem is broken too!
i need neighbours...add me
To be able to play it I need my neighbors and I still don't have them back.

Please +Gardens of Time do something about it!!!!!!!
I tried different browsers, to clean the cash... everything but still doesn't work.
me also (!), but I'm having difficulty adding them... I invite them, but they do not show up on the invite list...
How do I report a bug... if no where better here it goes:

After completing Merlin's Lab (it reads "12 of 12 items found") as a part of the flash light quest (after doing the round table and then doing the steed stable both for the 1st time in this quest) and then it some how does not know that I have in fact found all 12 items (namely in developer jargon [yes I am one in real life] the endOfTurnListener is not sent a endOfTurnEvent when the itemList is empty).... in simpler terms this means the turn never ends even after finding everything
I managed to get I neighbour. After he got me into his circles, and I added him to mine, I asked him to join my neighbours, so he sent me a gift, I sent him a gift, and it worked... sigh.... One out of ten invitations... Hope this "gifting" will help someone else
I had someone add me as their neighbour earlier; neither of us could see the other one for about half an hour.. I'll keep checking my neighbours to see when you come up
No worries; I've just added a whole bunch of people myself. You'd think that seeing as this game was so popular on Facebook (I'm not a Facebooker) Google would have anticipated demand for it and had the bandwidth to deal with demand. Hopefully they're in the process of sorting it out.
i need neighbors, add me :)
hey add me :) just starting and need more neighbours :)
Add meee! I am adding people from this list so please add me too! I really need neighbors and I am loving this game so expect to get many gifts~
Thanks for the adds! I am taking neighbors too, all welcome!
I did, Kirsten. Unfortunately the game on G+ does not have a buit-in message center, so I don't know if you got it. At any rate I'd love to be yr neighbor
I've totally fallen in love with this game! Please add me!! ^O^
Hi Agnes, I've added you
farout, GOT you really need to do something about the gifts and requests. it takes way too long to accept all them the way this is right now. take a book from the facebook game and add them into it better..... nearly an hour to accept around 40 crikey!!
How do I find neightbours? Anyone wants to be my neighbour?
yayy plz add me i wana b ur neighbour
Looking for players who will actually gift energy..I will return the favor!!Please if U don't gift don't add me..I only want helpful peeps..not those who want to send me requests but never help or gift..
I have added Angelica, Kevin, Staci, Liz, Nageen, Feder - please add me back then accept my neighbor requests. I'll send energy.
And feel free to ADD ME! My favorite game is looking for lost items in time travel on my neighbor's gardens. I need LOTS OF NEIGHBORS!
yo yo
add me please agrenguenme porfavor!!!! necesito mas amigos urgente XD
QUESTION 1 : How come so many new neighbors who are on level 1 have these giganic gardens with so many items? Is it a cheat code?
QUESTION 2: When you get a request to help a visitor at a friend's garden (Bonus) and their garden is so FULL that there are no paths for visitors -> you can't find the exclamation point icon. WHAT DO YOU DO?
QUESTION 3: Is the game built in such way that you eventually HAVE to but credit with REAL money? It seems that if you don't you will get stuck!!
Ugh it's like falling into a scam: I got to a point when I can't use my energy cans (over daily limit) can't get bonuses at neighbor's gardens (over daily limit), have no energy to play, have no money to expand, and prestige to open new levels is waiting hours for end of construction. and the missions ask for me to have items above my current level or to get bonuses (blitzes). So I am stuck - cannot evolve, cannot play, have to just "wait". Or spend (real) money - which I won't. Isn't it counter-intuitive from a game design standpoint?
Please add me i need neighbors daily player !
Please add me to your neighbors. :)
i´ve asked all my neighbors(63) for help to build the hanging gardens. But only one accept the help...:( Can anybody tell me why???!! Sorry for my bad english :(
if you want a neighbor you may add me I play every day but I don't know how add neighbors so do it I don't speek english very well sorry
Please, I need some friends! :'(
Any news about having neighbors back. I have over 100 but because the game doesn't see then I can't expand and I cand do too much.
Please do something about it
no problem but I don't know how to do ;-) so if you know make it ask for a neighbor request and I answer
i add you have a nice time in garden of time
I hope that you know how make a neibhbor request. I wait it to answer you sorry for my english :-)
in some gardens are animals walking but not in mine garden why?
thank you I hope we work good in gardens of time
it is when you add them I think that you may buy them I(ve forgotten : there is now a long time I have them . You may see them near Uluru.
but i can not buy gold i have well the lady in pink with camelot and no mummie i do chapter 16 in level 50
no probem make a neihbor request and I answer you
Can someone add me as their neighbor? None of my friends have discovered the game yet, and I have none, it's very sad.
To: Melissa, Nuno, Mirjam, JoAnna and Eduard - You were all added. Now please accept my neighbor request. I play everyday and reply to all friend's requests for help. I also send free gifts daily.
ok already sent you a neighbor request just accept it
i just added you.. pls add me....:Agnese Fiocchi, Angelica Angelita, Bev Pryce, Fernanda De Capua, Fing Smith, Ieva IEva, Irma Hernandez, JoAnna Vaughn, Lexidh Solstad, Lfferreira Luis, Liz Stansfield, Luc G, Lukas Steigerwald, M'daini Rym, Marie-Agnès D, Mary Ward, Matthew LaCross, Melissa Sumner, Mirjam vd.maat, Nageen Memon, Nemanja Spasojević, Staci Braun, Tiffany Brandon, Viviane Loedts, anne gutierrez, ikoy apriliyan, lisa prabowo
ich brauche drinegnd neue Nachbarn! bzw. Ich hab noch gar keine :-( / Please add me, I need Neighbours
Please put me in your circle. Need neighbours to expand. I have run out of room
ill add you Elizabeth....
Hello time agents! :) Add me please to the neighbors. Thanks!
iam george iam from tacoma. i need neighbors to play gardens of time .
Hi, I've added everyone on this list. Be on the lookout for a neighbor request and accept it, the more neighbors, the better. A tip to get more energy after your +5 have expired (past the daily limit of 10) is to visit your neighbor's gardens and leave gifts. Often the gifts will be +1 energy so more neighbors = more energy = more play.
need some neighbors please, I have tons of gifts, unused items, Im on level 28, over 900k silver
hello everyone if you need neighbours im ready to help add me and im here for you hopeing you are all well : )
I need more neighbours. ADD ME PLEASE :)
adde you thais everybody add me if you need neighbours in gardens hope to help you soon : )
I'm looking for neighbours ! So if you would like to be my neighbour... I would be pleased !
plz add me imlooking for neighbour
Fah AK
Need neighbors, add me :). Also need help in building wonder
Need neighbors. Add me pls. Cheers! 
I need neighbors! Add me please!
Eliane Alhadeff3:30 PMEdit
I've just added you to my circles. Let's play!
I really need more neighbours to expand my land. So plz add me and please send game req. Ty
Hi, I just started playing and I need neighbours...
nesecitos vecinos para el gardens of time.gracias de antemano.
New player, need neighbors please =)
Ready for more neighbors...anyone can add me. I play several times a day, return all gifts and visit gardens. Thanks
I'm new. Can anyone add me please? :)
I liked this game a lot, but I do not know why it is incomplete
, I find your site in that it contains of 44 chapters but  here is only18 chapters. 
and  the buildings and decorations too...
I hope to add to this game all the new as soon as...
Thank you anyway :)))))
Add Me PLZ...that is if anyone is still playing...Daily player here!
I have just added you Megan. Can you please add to me?
add me people who play, i am a regular player
I have just added you Ste Ashe. Can you please add to me?
I have just added you Çınar KUNDUZ. Can you please add to me?
If you play Gardens of Time on G+, please add me and I'll return the favor!  Needing more neighbors to expand my garden ;_;  Let me know you are a gamer!
Add me plz...I need neighbors and need help for wonder build. Add me plz.
hey guys! pls add me as a neighbor. thanks big time! :)
does anyone know where a pavilion is?? cant find it anywhere in the decorations???
i need neighbors to expand. add me please!!
i am in need of neighbors scott & susan, so i added you both
I need 2 more friends to expand my garden to 21x21. I need major help building a total of FIVE Great Wonders. HELP ME PLEASE!!
Hello i need some friends ! I play every day so if you add me i can really help you !!! SO PLEAZ ADD ME :)
I need neighbors. It's getting lonely over here. If you add me I will add you back. I help with keepsakes and buildings.
I need some neighbours to help me build and upgrade wonders. Please add me :)
Need more neighbours. Please add me. Thx.
I need the following structures built: Colosseum (58%), Taj Mahal (8%), Golden Gate Bridge (0%), Camelot (0%) and Uluru (0%). Please, please, please HELP ME!
I see people saying add me add me bt none of them play after they are added 
I need neighbours
only those who are interested 
please add me !!!
The same here, I add people but they never respond. Do they even get my requests to be neighbors?
Feel free to add me.
Add me please...
(No Emails or Spam Pls)
I need active neighbours  ;) please add me
I need new neighbors too, pls add me ;*
add me if you are a regular player :)
Has happened to me too, try refreshing your browser (maybe even multiple times).
PS added You!
add me if you want/need a new neighbor x)
Add me, please :D
add me, daily player, loves to hide presents in your garden!
i have added you shauntelle please add me so we can help each other in gardens of time thanks
hola necesito vecinos para garden of time, añádanme por favor
I need neighbors. Please add me
please add me as neighbor..
hola a tod@s,necesito vecinos para poder seguir abanzando en el juego.
me quede parada y no puedo seguir ni ampliar algun@ de vost@s quisiera ser mi vecino,os lo agradeceria.
Feliz Jueves a tod@s.
Anyone having trouble with the game? All of a sudden I havent gotten a single request for help building wonders or requests for marble or sandstone to be answered by any of my neighbors even the ones who play regularly and have always helped in the past. Then today my gold went from 11 to 5 all of a sudden for no reason and refreshing didnt help....still stuck at 5!!
I need neighbors. Please add me. Thank you in advance
I'm looking for neighbors too. I give keepsakes and help with wonders.
Pardon, someone help, I've added a bunch of folks to my games circle, and invited to Gardens of time, but still no neighbors.  I think I am missing a step  Thanks!
je commence le jeu et comme  toi cherche "voisins et voisines" je t'ajoute dans mes cercles ;ça marche ?
I really need neighbors; I can't build anything, please add me :*
need neighbors as well - please add :)
Ro bert
Please add mee!! Need neighbors!!
does anyone else have problems with invites not showing up in the game correctly? Ive invited over double the amount of actual friends in the game despite being able to send gifts and requests to these same people.
It wouldn't surprise me if that were true. Same thing with me. And I've "completed" the "game" too. If you put any money into this game, you're being ripped off.
I noticed that once I got a lot of friends it seemed that my resource requests and wonder build requests weren't going out. Then I figured out that there was a cap on the number of people you could send a request etc to. If you send to over this number (I don't know what it is) the request wont go out. So try sending your invites/requests in smaller batches (the max I have done since then is 20 and that seems to work, the cap may be higher than that though).
have done, please send marble, many thanks
have added but have decided to start again from scratch on fbook as it works properly there lol, will still be on here but less so. add me as andrew norris on fb if you fancy :)
Hey Agnes Thanks for the add! And please add me guys I'm a good neighbor! LOL 
I have made requests for friends as well.  I will add neighbors if I can figure out how to add you.  I'm waiting on those I've asked to confirm, but I think the game is glitched in that area on G +.  Has anyone succeeded in adding someone besides Lulu?
I need neighbors!!!!! puh-leeeaseeee!
Add me please, I'm looking for neighbours :)
hell yeah. thanks everyone!!!! :)
I could use some neighbors, none of my circled peeps wanna play.  Please Help!
added both of you to my friends circle.  I accept all neighbor requests in Gardens of Time.
Irma H
I need neighbors can you please add me
I think I have solved the add neighbors problem.  Add Garden of Times to your list. G+ it at the top of the screen. You have to have notifications on to get the requests.  When you get a neighbor request, it will show you and you can click on the request and add neighbors easily.  It's a pain I know, but if I am correct, it shows all the Gardens of Time players in the list. If not, you will have to add people to friends list circle before the request will go through.
Any1 need a helpfull neighbor? I do.
Need neighbours. Kindly add me
Matt, I added you and Soucy Terese.  Always accepting neighbors, and I do try to return the favor, but sometimes the notifications have what I call a stupid.  It says I've already accepted the request, when the request is new; hence it's having a stupid. :)
Hi, everyone! I need neighbours, please add me and I will respond to all your requests. :)
I need neighbors... and everyone I add, I can't see them in my list to add them... so I need people to add me.  :):)
Porfavor agregenme!!!! necesito vecinos!!!......i need neighbors...please add me!!!
I need neighbors me too!! Add me a lot!! See you soon in the gardens of time!!!  :P
I'll add you :) Actually, I need neighbors too. Please add me so I can keep playing!! 
More neighbors, plzzzzzzzzz ...... )
I am unable to add people from my circles as neighbors. I included some of you in my circles, please can you add me and can some of you add me as a neighbor ? Thanks !!
basically my current neighbours are crap dont help me build my wonders whatsoever. need ppl that will actually help
Ewa M.
neighbours needed here as well! I'm adding people whose comments are recent, please add me back
Add me please........... Need more neighbors...... :) 
I understand, that they need to get more people playing the game, ut couldn't there e another possibility of expanding one's garden, exept having more neighbours? Noone cn have that many friend who want to play that game, or who even are on google+. Would be kinda helpful.
Thanks for reading :D
Add me as your neighbor... i need more neighbor ~~ TQ... 
Please add me as a neighbor - I've just started playing and cannot expand the garden - please...:)
hey friends...could some of you guys PLEASE add me as a neighbor. I need friends to expand. just started playing and I LOVE it!!! thanks for the help! :)
Ewa M.
added you, plz add back
PLZ \ I need freind , add me .
neighbours needed please 
message garden of time
Cant expand my garden..... please help...... :(
I need more neighbors, how do I add some of you? or can ya'll add me?
please help, i need neighbours! ADD ME ^^
please add me ppl.. :) I need some Neighbours..
I've added all of you....add me back
Everything i want to invite a neighbour i get the notice. You have reached your daily Facebook limit try again tomorow.
Thuis is going on for weeks now. How can i solve this problem ???

Want some Neighbors.. plz help.. :)
i have 32 neighbours yet only 4 actually help me build and send me stuff which is needed to upgrade. im quite high up on this game and the fact that 90 percent of my neighbours are useless is ruining my enjoyment of the game to be honest. i would be greatful if people who could be bothered to help me out add me and not a bunch of useless sacks already have enough of them on my game! it takes me about a month or longer to build a wonder..ridiculous
+nicole evans I sent you a request.  I don't get to play on weekends but pretty much every day during the week!
Guys, I need neighbors!!need to expand my garden... thanks in advance :)
I keep adding neighbors, but there's still no possibility to expand the garden, I don't knjow why... Does anyone knows how to solve it?
Where are my neighbors? I added few people recently and they are not in my list of neighbors whom i can send requests, Wonder request for example. Does anyone know how to solve it?
Something's wrong with this game :((
Please feel free to add me. I just started but i enjoy the game and plan on playing on a continuous basis. Thank you in advance
i do hope, no one is using cheat engines to get a high score... :|
Help, My time machine requires an update but when I process it all my previous actions are deleted, i can't play anymore !! This bug appeared yesterday, if someone has any idea ... Thanks !!
Same here..!!! Nothing is working at all... Does anyone have any idea.. what is goin on..?
+Inès Gaillard  and +Karan Arora I am having the same problem too!
Collections have disappeared,  cannot collect feeds and "Time machine has been updated" message every time I play a scene.
Any updates on this?
ho damned ! well we have to be patient then thx for the info ;)
I can't continue playing because it kept being interrupted telling me I have to refresh my browser because my Time Machine was upgraded. Each time I refreshed, my time machine was not upgraded and all my progress was gone! Been a week now, it's time to fix it!!
Ewa M.
what's more interesting on playdom's website there is a post about updates to the game and only two links- play on facebook or play on

did they forget to tell us they do not want google+ anymore?
Necesito qm ayuden xq noc cm encontrar vecinos!!! y Necesito saber cm puedo hacer para qm deje de salir la actualizacion del juego xq lo actualizo y m sigue saliendo x favor!!! si alguien me puede ayudar
+Nestor Palma  todos tenemos el mismo problema...... para los vecinos ve quien necesita mas arriba... y agregame yo tambien lo hare..
vs sabes cm hace para actualizar poq pierdo toda la energia en eso!!! y no puedo jugar casi nada!!
The fact that it keeps refreshing every time you find an item is really getting annoying.  You lose your energy completely...we should at least get that back if we are unable to complete the level due to the game malfunctioning.
+constanza saa mercado +Inès Gaillard +Karan Arora +Melinda Cool +Michelle Ferguson +Melinda Cool  +Karen Lawyer 
This is the reply i got from playdom after i submitted a bug report.

Dear Playdom Gamer,

Thank you for contacting us regarding the issue you are experiencing. Based on the information you have provided we have been able to determine that this is an issue that we are currently investigating.

Unfortunately, this is not something we can provide a quick fix for. As such you will need to wait until this issue is addressed on the game side of things.

If you are interested in keeping up to date on all of the issues that are currently under investigation for Gardens of Time, you may do so by checking the forums as well as our known issues page here:

We apologize for any frustration this may have caused and appreciate your continued patience and understanding while we work on resolving all of our known issues.

Playdom Game Services Department
February 08, 2013 11:16 am
I need the materials for the wonders so I seek for the neighbor who will help me.
I am a good neighbor :)
deben arreglar sale a cada momento actualizar, 
Kelli H
Could someone please add me as a neighbor? Thanks!! :)
+Sneha Littrell I'm not getting any request, I think they are having some issues with the game.  I'm sorry for not accepting, I assure you if I were getting them I would....hope its fixed soon!! Keep trying maybe eventually they will show up for me to accept.
I am having problems with the game as well, it keep refreshing my time machine and I am loosing stuff. A real bomber!
The game refreshes if I get a collection item, I cannot upgrade any buildings nor accept any gifts that have anything to do with upgrading buildings, and my neighbors keep disappearing.
cant expand my garden, cant collect any gifts and the games not loading... :(
necesito amigos vecinos  . . . 
Nm Pl
I love playing.
I miss the gold tourneys    the frienzied clicking
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