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Todd Malicoat
gettin' hit by traffic...not cars.
gettin' hit by traffic...not cars.

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Hello, I am trying to claim a Google+ custom url for a brand, and have been unable to do so currently. There is currently both a brand page, and local listings pages for the company (with multiple locations), and I would like to get the I am reluctant to claim the and the is not an option (though there is no existing page).

I've made sure the plus page and website are linked, and am now trying to secure the brand url.

The brand url does not currently exist, but it says it is unavavailable when requesting it from the custom url screen

Ideally, since this is a one shot deal, I'd like to secure the company name + url

Any help would be appreciated.


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Really cool video with Dr. Pete Meyers on the Google Algorithm history. - this is actually part 2, part 1 is coming soon :)

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I had almost forgot how much fun sharing animated gifs was after myspace.

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Yes - you can make fun of google plus. Yes, it's more egomaniacal time spent on social media. Yes, your megalomaniacal inner ID will make you use it because everyone else is, and you can tell people about self-serving shit like a true shamelessly promoting marketer.
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