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Queenie Thayer
Writer, Artist, Blogger and Philosophical Cleric
Writer, Artist, Blogger and Philosophical Cleric

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Kweeny's Dream Loot Crate: The Kweenybeast Box
Recently the people at Loot Crate contacted me about helping to create content on my site for my ideal loot crate. A box full of stuff that would make Kweeny Todd squee with delight upon receiving in the mail! And I do love getting mail as it is. Subscripti...

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One of the awesome things that happens during the month of October is Portland's H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival! This weekend was my second time attending the fest. My friends and I had the intention of seeing all the features this year as last year we did al...

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KWEENY REVIEWS: Killer Party and talks HHMMM!
Once again the moon is full, the month is October, and I have crawled out of my putrid grave to celebrate! And I'm thinking, let's start off this month of MADNESS with a movie review! For those of you unawares, I spend the month of October doing a crazy mov...

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Kweeny Interviews: Tristan Clay and Destinie Orndoff!
I am a little behind on things lately, so I didn't post it right away. But since RED EYE isbeing filmed right now, I figure posting it now is still relevant. Plus I love the interview. The pair of them were kind and understanding. I appreciate that. Support...

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Kweeny Reviews: Krampus
I know I've been lax on my blogging this year, and I am pretty sure Krampus is gonna come for me. If he's half as cool as the one in the recent movie, I am totally gonna squee when he comes to my door! Too bad I don't have a chimney... Krampus (2015) is a m...

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Kweeny's Recap of H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival and CthulhuCon!
This last weekend I got the chance to go to my first film festival. And it wasn't just any film festival. I went to the  H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival and CthulhuCon ! I didn't know what to expect when I got there, and I sadly missed half the festival. They ...

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The horror world was rocked this week when we found out one of our beloved creators, Wes Craven, died. It was a shock too a lot of us. I know I personally was so devastated I had a good cry about it, and I needed time to formulate my thoughts on the matter....

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Kweeny's Gencon Recap!
Wanna play a game? I just got back from Gencon 2015 last week, and boy am I exhausted! With flying there and back and then having 4 days of gaming and con shenanigans makes a Kweeny extremely drained. Been resting most the day, and now I think I am ready to...

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Kweeny Creeps into Cryptcon!
I almost didn't make it this year to Crypticon Seattle , due to budget constraints. But I did, and got to hang out for a day. I dressed up as the puppet Billy from Saw, and I really love it when fans come up to me and ask for my photo. I got a lot of photos...

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Kweeny Reviews: WOLFCOP
I'm really pleased to see more werewolf horror movies coming out. With movies like Female Werewolf (which I am dying to get a hold of and see) and the movie I am reviewing today WOLFCOP , more of my furry friends are showing audiences that werewolves are ju...
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