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It Hasn't Even Been A Week Yet
Truth is on
Sunday after such a long day of traveling I was ready to be home, well I
thought I was. I haven't even been here for a whole week yet and I already want
to go back to London. Can we do it again?! Just another two weeks? Please? I love the

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A New Perspective
This trip
completely changed my opinion about the United States compared to other
countries, just in two weeks opened my eyes to so many unfamiliar things. I have been
posting a lot about how much I enjoyed London, and how wonderful the United
Kingdom is as...

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You're Gonna Hear Me Roar
Coming from small-town Chadron where we have no public transportation, the experience of taxi's, buses, and of course the tube has been SO much fun! I can hardly imagine the brain power of the thousands of engineers it took to build the system! It is very s...

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Simmun' It Up
It's been two weeks? NO?! I have enjoyed my time here, so many emotions. The past week we have been able to see the military practice the tradition of Trooping the Colour escorted again by Constable Watson. He sure hooked us up!! What an amazing guy! Such a...

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Once In A Life Time Opportunity
I’m just going to say it today I felt extremely lucky and also important! Hahah I am even more grateful for the opportunity to be visiting London now.  Not
many can say they've done what I did today. Today we went to the New Scotland Yard bright and early.

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Expanding My World View
The last couple days have been so fantastic, oh my gosh.. (That's really all I've got, I'm just about speechless) Sunday May 17th we spent most of the day in a coach driving around the most beautiful English country side on our way to Stonehenge and the Rom...

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Once In A Life Time Opportunity!!
I’m just going to say it today I felt extremely important. Just about famous really! I am even more grateful for this opportunity. Not many can say they’ve done what I did today. Today we went to the New Scotland Yard bright and early. Most are under the in...

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I am bragging....
                                                               That's me and Brittnie                    I put on the bullet proof and knife proof Met vest! (Gosh I look tiny.. TOUGH I mean!)                                                There I am with th...

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Big Ben Baby!!
On Saturday May 16th we went on two tours. One of the Houses
of Parliament (oh my gosh!) and the other of Westminster Abbey (holy
beautiful)!   For obvious reasons we were not allowed to take pictures
inside of either places. It's extremely sacred.  Look ho...

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Lenient? Or Naw?!
On Friday May 15 th we went on a Magistrate Court
Visit. We learned a magistrates' court is a lower level court (similar
to our traffic courts) where all the criminal proceedings start. Also some
civil matters are decided here, namely family proceedings. Th...
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