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Decrepit Sun - Guitar and Bass studio tracking for upcoming album Seminal !!

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New video from Synthetic Breed
Synthetic Breed have released a new "Play Through" video for "Convergence". Check it out!!

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New music released in April by 15 Australian Metal bands.
Here it is!! Our massive April issue of the New Aussie Metal Releases! 15 Australian Metal bands released Albums, EPs and Videos with samples to stream, download or watch online! Check them out! \m/

Share this around to help support these bands and get their new tunes out there!!

Bands included in this issue: Our Last Enemy, Octanic, Datura Curse, Hemina, ALKIRA, Paradigm Australia, Sorathian Dawn, Not Another Sequel, Just Another Prequel, Bound for Ruin, Whoretopsy, Psynonemous, TERAMAZE, Okera, Armed With Integrity and The Ophidian Ascension.

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New video from Anno Domini just released today for the track "Against All Godds" off the Downfall EP!! Check it out!! \m/

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Cannibal Corpse 'Australia Torture' Tour this October 2012!! Tickets available May 1st 2012!!

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Sick shit!!
"Vermin" video by The Amenta, Black / Death Metal band from Sydney Australia. Brutal!! \m/

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Sick groove.. Brutal!!

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New Video for "Drunker Than You". Check it out!!

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New Aussie Metal Releases. Free listen or download
Check out our Metal Releases feature for March, with 9 Aussie Metal Bands that released new Albums, EPs and Videos to listen to or download for Free!!

If you're keen to hear some new stuff, have a listen to these! \m/

Bands included in the March 2012 issue: Anno Domini, Decrepit Sun, BerserkerfoX, 4ARM, Datura Curse, OUROBOROS, Dropbunny, Armed With Integrity and Day Of Wrath.

This month is also going to be huge for Aussie Metal, so keep an eye out for our April issue of new Metal Releases in a few weeks!!

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Boris The Blade feature on Metal Australia

"Tides of Damnation" Video
"Your Last Breath" Video
"A Vulgate Prophet" Video
"Boris The Blade - Live at Pushover" Video
Like Wolves (Stream Track online)

If blasting technical Death Metal destruction is your forte, get a bit of Boris The Blade up in ya!!

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