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Please spread the word!
Shiverme Timbers originally shared:
I know my Amnesty International posts don't attract a lot of attention from you folks, and I never ask for reshares. This story needs to get out so PLEASE take the time to read the article. If there is anything you can do to support Amnesty at this critical stage, please do so.

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My lovely friend G's doing what she loves and loving what she does :)

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Help Mozilla help us...
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Technical writer when they pay me money; non-technical when they don't
There's nothing I can say here that will uniquely identify me. People from different times in my life know me only in parts. Everyone will agree to one thing, though: I'm borderline crazy.
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I was introduced to Aparna as the girl who makes lovely chocolates. Later I heard that this girl was also expecting her first baby around th

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The Noida police's disclosure of a rape victim's identity is punishable, and must be.

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