Public participation?

This is primarily a personal project for the three of us, to encourage us to roleplay more regaularly and try out some ideas, but if you're interested in what we're doing and you'd like to get involved, we're very flattered!

We've deliberately set up a questions thread where people (including us!) can ask questions that we're interested in, and we'll try to answer those as the story develops. (No promises though! It depends how the story flows.) That is here: . Feel free to head over there and leave some questions. In many cases questions inline on individual scene threads will be welcome too, if they're questions specific to that scene rather than the ongoing story.

Also, we intend different threads to have different rules of play, and these might well include guidelines for people other than ourselves getting involved. Again, please feel free to jump in as the thread rules suggest.

If you'd like to contribute something bigger, like framing a new scene or starting a top-level thread, then that's exciting too! Please drop us a line about this just so we can help fit it in to our broader goals for the project, which will be changing and evolving as it progresses.

See you on the boards!

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