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Becky Annison
Designer of Games, Knitter of Artifacts
Designer of Games, Knitter of Artifacts

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+Graham W has kindly given us (Josh) a small slice of his stall at Dragonmeet (B6) to bring you hardback copies of Lovecraftesque and accompanying sets of cards.

Come and say hello to Josh and buy something awesome from +Graham W too :)

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Are you near Chesterfield, Derbyshire?

This is my local gaming group which I attend on a time share basis with +Joshua Fox (until our kids are old enough to fend for themselves!)

Come and hang out with us and play some games!
We are a Roleplaying and Board Gaming Club in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. We enjoy a wide variety of games, from indie to the big names. We welcome new players and are always open to trying something different. Find out more on our website or drop us a line if you're interested in coming along.

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Check out +Ralph Lovegrove's ideas on how to get inspired for the Lovecraftesque scenario competition!
Here's an idea about using the tarot to brainstorm your Lovecraftesque scenario

+Becky Annison
+Joshua Fox

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So I've been experimenting with a few You Tube videos about our (never ending) journey to a greener, simpler life and finally I'm just going to bite the bullet and start sharing it here.

It is all in a collection so you can quietly unsubscribe if you don't want to here about mending, chickens on my thoughts on consumer culture.

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We are hosting a competition to celebrate making Lovecraftesque real! Entries are only 600 words so give it a go.
To celebrate the fact that Lovecraftesque is now a physical product you can hold in your hands, and since Halloween is coming up, we’re running a competition to design a scenario for the game. You don’t need to have read the game, you just need some creepy ideas and enough time to write about 600 words - 2 pages or so.

More detail in the link.

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Copies have been seen in the Wild!
Some time ago I joined some people at a RPG club in Chesterfield. These people become colleagues then friends. Now that I'm moving house again, this time far enough to not be able to show up at the club anymore, these guys are so excited they gave me Lovecraftesque as a gift. Way to make my weekend disappear folks.

Thanks, +Refugees from Reality. I really appreciate it.

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Helping +Joshua Fox get ready for his NightWitches game.

+Jason Morningstar

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Sigh - I totally love this book!
Episode 09 of Fictoplasm discusses the Southern African mythology mixed with post-cyberpunk urban SF that is Zoo City

+Elizabeth Lovegrove

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New Fictoplasm is up!

Elizabeth Lovegrove, +Ralph Lovegrove and me are talking about Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series and werewolf rpgs.

I end up talking a fair bit about Bite Me! a game of werewolf pack dynamics.

+Eric Duncan and +Stras Acimovic I think you were both interested in the development of that game.
Fictoplasm episode 08 is up! This episode Liz and Becky discuss Kelly Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld and talk about pack mentality

+Elizabeth Lovegrove
+Becky Annison

A question about hacking pesto.

Say a person is thinking of making a pesto style sauce in which they made many substitutions (apologies in advance my Italian friends).

Say one had a lot of sage in the garden to use up...and you are a person who likes sage.

Do you think this would be a good idea, too sagey and what nut would you pair sage with?

Thank you!
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