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MISSING: One Micro Drone 3.0. Last seen being chased by a giant crow at the top of the W. Falls Church Metro Station parking garage. Presumed now feathering a shiny nest.

A modest Proposal:

I'm sure we'd all agree that the trolling on the MD3 Indiegogo comments section is annoying and disruptive. What if when we see one such post, we respond not with argument, which feeds the troll, but with one cool thing about the drone you've discovered after living with it a while?

Just one. Doesn't need to be elaborate. Maybe a cool hack or mod, links to a fun shot or video you took? Maybe something you didn't realize until you had it for a while.

Enough of these will help other backers yet to receive their perks a realistic view and will help drown out the troll noise with positive examples.
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