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Thinking about various ways we can use google+. Any suggestions?
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Use Posts as a gateway to increase BWeb Email subscribers which expands the BWeb community.
+1 for Hangouts. Just spit balling here but each hangout could have a guest host with unique interest, story or skill to share with your community.
Guests or subjects left to your imagination :
+politics etc

Rebroadcast via
Recording hangouts

Feel free to ping me for more ideas.
Something I recommend, share tech startup posts from blogs like these Venture Chronicles Digital Doyennes Tech Startups : Freshly Squeezed From Silicon Valley JP Design Theory : Practical Advice on Web Design and Social Media Founders Space Beta Sim's Blog : Tech, VC and connected platforms. alarm clock : Inside New Tech Ventures Feld Thoughts Redeye VC : View of the Startup Ecosystem Guy Kawasaki : A Practical Tech Blog for Impractical People Everyone Funding Startups Damond Nollan's Blog : Tech and Startups VentureWoods : Startup and VC Blog Overseas Jael Custom Designs : Web Design Tips Crenk : Latest Tech and Apps Springwise : New Tech and Ventures Get Venture

... and have fun!
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