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Bernard Robinson Jr.
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An azalea stump
Picked this one up over the winter. Chopped it super low and it's just started pushing buds. Will be keeping an eye on this one. The trunk is pretty nice at almost 2 inches across, decent movement and low branches made this a steal at $70. Cheers!

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I think this is a euonymus. It was gifted to me about 2.5 years ago. Minimal wire, just clip and grow. We'll see what becomes of this one.  Cheers,  B

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Yew Update
Here's that yew from 2 years ago.  First post on this is here . After last year's styling This is how it grew in over the year This year's styling before being repotted. I expect the multiptude of buds on this tree to fill this guy in this year. Cheers,  B

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BigFoot - Collected Hornbeam
Howdy! I was wary about posting this collected stump until I saw some signs of life. I'm glad to be sharing this today! I took a trip to the woods with some friends recently. While they each took home 10 hornbeam or so a piece, I was only on this trip to fi...

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Chop and Carve - Hornbeam
Here is today's victim. We call him Hornbeam 1. It was collected well but left a bit tall in hindsight. I did get some buds to pop high up but it never made sense to me. Part of the problem was that it produced branches all over, except on very long stretch...

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20 whips
I've a patch of ground in my backyard that is neglected. It received dappled afternoon sunlight and direct sunlight as the as the sun slips past the horizon. It's been begging for a purpose and following last month's bonsai meeting, it finally got its day. ...

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Howdy! Couple of accents, The goal is to collect and keep alive local vegetation to make interesting accents. These both came from the back yard. This first one has been identified as a Red Deadnettle http...

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Barberry Update
Some lovely little leaves: Cheers, B.  Hello u/amethystrockstar

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Workshop Trident Maple Forest
Howdy! Last night we had our club meeting. About 30 people showed up to produce trident forests or observe. I grabbed a first timer to help me out and sat with two others. Trident whips were a plenty as we arranged our composition in our trays. This is my f...

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Ursula Update
This post features one of our first digs, Ursula. When it was dug we thought it was a hornbeam only to later find out it was a red maple. Easiest dig to date with no tap root to be found as it was growing in the mud by a stream. Some History This weekend th...
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