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A great new resource for people developing their web design chops. (In other words, no more excuses, you designers who think you can just do print work.) >

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Zappos Insights: The Link Between Culture and Storytelling

We've got a somewhat organic Women in Tech group growing in Grand Rapids, and we'll be getting together again soon:

Tuesday, August 16
5:15 pm
Bar Divani

This is only our second time meeting up, and we're keeping it low-key for now -- no set agenda, no "broadcasting" it as a formally organized group just yet, etc. If you know of other women who are interested, pass this along! (+Denise Cheng +Gretchen DeVault +Amelia Murphy +J Hanks)

Whaaa? My dad just added me on G+. Can it be? Has adoption already spread to my parents?! For me, that's always the true test of any network... ;)

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Love this article on MailChimp's culture. +Gretchen DeVault and I have talked at length about the notion of "giving permission" to be creative... it's led us to redesign our office, fall in love with whiteboard paint, create stand-up meeting space, and more. I'd love to hear how others create tangible cues for creativity in their space...

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"Let me show you how it's done!" (Oh, Adventure Time, how I love you.) Adventure Time: Techno Dance

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Good read... I think more depends on the dynamics of energy than people realize.
Who do you surround yourself with? What team of people do you have on your side? Here are 11 of my "personality types" and how they affect you. (Plus a doodle).

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Decided to try using G+ for quick project management communication (e.g., did we confirm the meeting location?), in an attempt to lure it away from my inbox. Finding that it forces me to focus on important info rather than context and conversation. Efficiency FTW.
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