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What is More Important?
Starting with the phrase “20 in 20” and continuing through
the Governor’s threats to note all who oppose “his” 20 items, this special
session has been particularly galling. 
When I say “his” agenda, I think we all know that this is not the
Governor’s at all...

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What Makes a “Great State”?
Gov. Abbott announced his bid for reelection in 2018 at a press
conference last week, saying that, “To keep Texas the greatest state in
America, I’m running for re-election as Governor of Texas.”  In his term as governor, he has done little
to make any of t...

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The Threat (and Opportunity) of a Special Session
As we anticipate the opening of the special session on July
18, I don’t know that any of us has an understanding of how it might progress
over the next 30 days.  With the
posturing by the governor, LG and Speaker, it’s difficult for me to believe
that there...

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Headlines and Texas “Leadership”
The 85 th regular session proved to be an
opportunity lost for public education despite the best efforts of House leaders
and some in the Senate.  What should have
included a focus on addressing the “minimum constitutional requirements” of the
school financ...

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Redefining “Compromise”
In early June, I wrote a blog
entitled "The Lost Art of Compromise" (click here to read that post) in which I lamented the inability or
unwillingness of many in the legislature to try to work toward solutions that,
while not perfect for everyone, would at l...

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Policy Over Party
I met last week with a former TX legislator who has tremendous
passion for our kids and for the well-being of all citizens in the State of
Texas (unlike some of those in Austin). 
We were discussing the mess that is Austin, primarily in the Senate,
when it ...

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The Perfect Storm
I don't get it!  I
understand (I think) why the governor felt a need to call a special session but
have to wonder why he chose to include 19 specific items (other than sunset
legislation) in his call.  Legislators in
the 85th proved incapable of coming to a...

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The Lost Art of Compromise
Watching the chaos and dissension that is the 85 th Legislative Session reminds me of being a kid again; the difference is that we
were able to resolve issues when we were kids because we had a “leader”
(translated as parent or teacher) who really gave us n...

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Sine Die or Seen Die?
As I reflected on the close of the 85th session, I couldn't help
but think that maybe the Latin words Sine Die signaling the end of the regular
session might more appropriately be spelled "Seen Die"; I never took
Latin so maybe this is the easy way out anyw...

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Education: A Choice or a Right?
Dr. Diane Ravitch posted a blog on May 9 that included a
link to an article by Dr. Frank Adamson, a senior Policy and Research Analyst
at the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE), titled Education: A Choice or a Right? .  Click here f...
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