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EEK and DIP at the antifascist demonstration in Budapest (3 April 2014)

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Photos from the 2nd Workers Euromediterranean Conference

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Cyprus in the international situation by Aziz
name is Neos Anthropos-Yeni İnsan. We used this name because of the historical meaning of Neos Anthropos. Neos Anthropos was a
newspaper of the first Leninist-Bolshevik political cadre in Cyprus.
It was the mother of the Cyprus Communist Party. Neos Ant...

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Report on Iran
Iran is a country with an interesting and rich political history. It is one of the most geopolitically  strategic countries in the middle-east. Its unique policies throughout its various political regimes in  its history constantly keep it at the center of ...

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Report from Bulgaria: The years of transition in Bulgaria from the totalitarian regime by Evgeni
privatisation - the biggest facturies and resources felt into
possesion of the former communist party leaders, which became wild
capitalists and like ones, they immediately sold part of them to big
western corporations and rest they just led to bankrup...

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Cyprus, The Communique and Imperialism by Kostas Apostolopoulos
to the 2 nd Workers’ Euro-Mediterranean Conference 40
years after the war that divided Cyprus in two and filled the country
with sorrow and thousands of people from both main communities went
missing but also 100 years after the break of WWI ...

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Grave Crisis Facing the South African Capitalist System by Latief Parker

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People’s steps emphasized by the Ukrainian crisis: attention, we are in 2014 by Ana Bazac
[this text was sent as a contribution to the conference]   Introduction:
Why should we go over to Russia? We must go over to it … and more My standpoint here is to connect the geopolitical
and the social/class views – just opposite to Alexander Dugin’s

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Neo-Nazi in Ukrainian Power is a Crucial Challenge to All Lefts in Ukraine and Russia by J. Abramson
Massive actions in Kiev and other cities since October 2013 till
February 2014 have demonstrated that Ukrainians are been tired due to
injustice and total corruption, due to anti-social policy and
authoritarian power behavior. They have shown total bankrupt...
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