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Warren L
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Warren L

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The Google Chrome team is happy to announce the arrival of Chrome 21 to the Stable Channel for Chrome OS.  More detailed updates are available on the Google Chrome Blog.  

The Stable channel has been updated to 21.0.1183.0 (Platform version: 2465.127.0) for Chromebooks (Acer AC700, Samsung Series 5 550, Samsung Series 5, and Cr-48) and Samsung Chromebox Series 3. Machines will be receiving updates to this version over the next several days.

This build contains a number of new features, as well as security & stability improvements. 

Some highlights of these changes are:
We re-designed the App list to work alongside your browser and apps
New Print UI - please see the blog post for more details
You can select your own custom wallpaper
New, offline-capable Google Docs app
Update Adobe Flash to version
Flash Access Support
Seccomp Flash sandbox 
New Shill connection manager
WiMax support in Shill
LTE Support for modem manager
Support Standard USB audio devices
Support wireless (bluetooth and others) Gamepads
Update GTalk Plug-In to version 3.3.3
Update Netflix Plug-in to version 2.0.5 
Kernel rebased to 3.4
Gestures: support 3-finger tap/click as middle button
Resolved issues Samsung users were experiencing with Verizon Wireless activation

Security fixes and rewards:
Please see the Chromium security page for more detail. Note that the referenced bugs may be kept private until a majority of our users are up to date with the fix.

[$3133.7] [141901] Critical CVE-2012-2864: Mesa array overflow. Credit to miaubiz.

Known issues:
141717 - 3G: Clicking 'Buy Plan' not working if Wifi disabled
141737 - Tab hangs when playing a Vimeo playlist in the couch mode
23789 - Occasionally unable to unlock SIM cards on Gobi2k
32643 - Cannot connect to OpenVPN from number of home networks
33484 - Cellular network name sometimes mis-identified
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I'm really in the same boat as +Gaurav Singh. I had just met him last year at the #TCSummit, and I've heard a few stories about him before. I'm sorry to hear about his passing, my condolences go to Warren's family.
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Warren L

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Highlights of these changes are:
Update Adobe Flash to version
Wifi/3G stability fixes

Known Issues:

141717 - 3G: Clicking 'Buy Plan' not working if Wifi disabled
141737 - Tab hangs when playing a Vimeo playlist in the couch mode
31866 - Unable to unlock SIM sometimes
33484 - Cellular network sometimes mis-identified 
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That is much better scrolling through Google+
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Warren L

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This build contains a number of UI, stability & security improvements. 

Known issues:
141182 - NBC streaming videos have been observed to occasionally consume too much memory. Workaround: Close tab or reboot machine. 
33388 - Screen flickers every 5-6 seconds on DP to VGA connection
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Warren L

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Where were you at 10:45 pm PDT Monday night?  Watching Olympics?  Sleeping? I was standing and clapping with the rest of the JPL team as Curiosity landed on Mars.
You want to see how good the team is at Nasa / JPL Look at this image. Curiosity during descent to Mars Surface still attached to the parachute. Picture taken by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.
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Warren L

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I use iGoogle page and did not expect retirement until November 1.  Mobile retirement July 31 is not expected.

Thanks to +Thomas Quintana for sharing.
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Anyone uses IGoogle on mobile?
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Warren L

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Highlights of these changes are:
137941 - Update to a new default wallpaper
Updated Flash version
Fixed 137941 - Wifi networks no longer show up as VPNs
Updated version of ChromeVox (accessibility tool)
New profile picture for guest user avatar

Known issues:
31866 - Unable to enable mobile data for locked SIM card
136885 - Battery level indicator may be incorrect for a short time
143442 - Ctrl + w (close tab) doesnt work on going full screen. Workaround: Press the full screen button on the keyboard or click the "Exit full screen" link.
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Mike, it is the latest Chrome OS dev channel update  22.0.1229.8 (Platform versions: 2723.18.0) 
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Warren L

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Easy command line in Shell to disable Sleep Mode.

Thanks to +ℓaura ℓawrie for sharing.
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how can i do it
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Warren L

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This build contains a number of stability improvements.  Some highlights of these changes are:
Fixed 133988: Network dropdown in the first screen when setting up the network may not show the entire list of networks.
Fixed 31651: Disabling 3G mobile data on the system would cause it to become permanently disabled.
Fixed issue with Enterprise customers being unable to enroll due to a timezone mismatch issue.
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I love engineering and new technology.  In my spare time, I enjoy music and shopping at Trader Joe's market. I like music that features modern r&b stylings, reggae influences, gospel influences, heavy use of vocal harmonies and a light swing groove.

I also like to help users with their Google issues. I am Top Contributor on Chrome OS, Gmail, Chrome, and Chat help forums.

"We’re not selling a device, we’re selling a new paradigm of web-based computing," - Rajen Sheth
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