Artifact #7 UK Sitrep

At midnight on March 4th 2014, Artifact #7 "Future" arrived at a portal in Glastonbury, UK.

The following is a personal sitrep covering how the UK Resistance guarded and transferred the artifact out of the country, and onwards towards the US.

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This is a personal account of the events leading up to the appearance of Artifact #7 in the UK, and the subsequent hours until it left the UK to France.
A lot of other people were involved in making this happen, including those who were responsible for planning, recruiting agents to help, those who went to portals to take down fields, or to upgrade them, and those who travelled long distances to exchange kit or keys. And we shouldn’t forget the people who work on decoding the clues, and who contributed to winning the anomaly events so that the Resistance could get these clues. Ultimately I don’t know and may never know all of the people who were involved, but I’m proud to be part of a team that has made it possible for me to write this report. You all rock!

Sunday 2nd March 2014 (about 9pm)
It had been a busy weekend and I hadn't been taking much notice of Ingress, 
until I got home on Sunday evening and saw a message in my local community from 
@Review asking for volunteers to help with an Artifact which was due to appear in the South of England at midnight on Tuesday. Apparently this was known due to a clue that was received by Resistance for winning one of the previous Recursion anomaly events.

I was owed some time off, so I thought “What the Heck!”. I had an early meeting on Monday, but nothing else later that day or on the Tuesday. So I emailed work to say “something had come up” and that I wouldn't be in on Monday or Tuesday. I will point out I am a contractor so I don’t have to jump through the same hoops as I would do as an employee: if I don’t come in, I don’t get paid.

I squared it with my family, and let the appropriate people in the Ingress communities know, and was put in touch with @hails35 and others who were putting the plan together, and was added to the op hangout. I tried to catch up with everything, but the plans were still forming and being discussed, and there was a lot of context I was missing. In my job I’m used to working in that sort of environment, so I just rolled with it. I was working on the basis I would be staying overnight… somewhere, but with no firm plans.

Things were complicated by the fact that we were expecting Artifact #8 to arrive on the East Coast of the UK at some point, and plans were being hatched to deal with that too. 

Monday 3rd March 2014
I threw some stuff together on Monday morning, and went to my meeting, and then set on out afterwards.

For equipment I took two phones: my Nexus 5 and my old Galaxy S3. The GPS on the Nexus 5 is dreadful, so the plan was to use the S3 for the scanner app, and the Nexus 5 for hangout communications. I tethered the S3 via Wifi to a Mifi Dongle with a 3 SIM. I also had a USB power pack, and two chargers.

I knew by then that the artifact was destined for Glastonbury. At this point we were still short of agents to cover the artifact site, and link clearing was still being sorted.

I knew I would likely need some viruses, so I arranged to meet @Cypherion about an hours drive away, who dropped me a bunch of ADAs and Jarvises. Then I headed off towards Glastonbury which was, now 3 ½ hours drive away.

On the way down, I was passing Stonehenge. I needed a break and I have a National Trust membership, so I popped in, took the portals, used the facilities, and headed back out.

I got to Glastonbury at about 4:30pm, where I met up with agents @bobbydazzler and @inclearsite who helped me level up the portals to L7, and to shield and turret.
At that point, we were expecting the artifact to arrive at King Arthur Tomb Memorial.,-2.712303&z=16&pll=51.146632,-2.714792

This was based on original clue:
Original Clue Image
King Arthur Tomb Memorial Portal taken on the day

Most of the portals around the area were already blue so we just upgraded them. There was one green portal, Abbey House (,-2.712303&z=16&pll=51.146678,-2.711863), which I captured. At that point were were concerned about raising suspicion with the local toads, so @bobbydazzler and @inclearsite, who were known locally, didn’t upgrade that portal. The Abbey closed at 6pm, so we hung around until they threw us out, to make sure there were no lurking greens.

@bobbydazzler and @inclearsite had to head home soon after that. We did a bit of hacking for keys and key/weapon exchange and went for a drink and a chat at a local pub, and then they headed out. As I was going to be on my own babysitting the artifact for the night, I decided it was best to get a local hotel, so I booked a room in The George and Pilgrim which was about 300 metres from the Abbey site. I got a reasonable room, which was actually in range of one of the local portals.

I checked in with the hangout, and then went for something to eat, followed by a short sleep whilst I recharged the kit: I was expecting it to be a long night punctuated by attack alerts from the scanner!

At about 11:30, I got up, headed to the Abbey wall and prepared myself for the Artifact appearance whilst bantering with the team on the Hangout. 

When midnight came, I was looking at the scanner screen, and waiting for it to appear… but nothing happened!

After a bit of panic, we realised it had appeared on the next portal along: Abbey House. That was the only portal we hadn’t upgraded to L7, which meant we couldn’t move it!! It was also highly accessible, so was vulnerable to attack from the greens.

Word went out to find out if any L8 agents were near and could come to the rescue. Meanwhile I hacked it for keys with little success (1 key in 4 hacks). On the hangout, the team were checking the meaning of the Glyph. I still reckon it was “stingy”!

WIth no local agents looking to be available, I was headed back to my room, resigned that we wouldn’t be able to do anything until morning. I was almost there when I got a message that @spiderwell had arrived at Abbey House. I headed back and met him.@bobbydazzler took down the big blue field covering the area, and we upgraded and flipped Abbey House, waited an hour, and then flipped and upgraded again to make it blue L7. Then we linked it to the King Arthur Tomb Memorial. At 2am the artifact moved to the relative safety of the Abbey grounds. I bid @spiderwell farewell, and headed back to my hotel.

Glastonbury, by the way, is a pretty little town, but it’s full of shops selling woo and new-world snake-oil for the feeble minded:
Glastonbury has plenty of shops to cater for the weak minded

I was halfway back to my hotel when I got a message on the hangout that they were concerned the artifact might jump if left stuck in one place for too long.@bluewasp and @Cypherion had a plan: we had plenty of keys so they got me to set up a series of links to act as a path for the artifact which would take it out of the Abbey grounds, around the other L7 portals we had created, and then back into the grounds. With the artifact moving once each hour, this would take it back into the other portal in the Abbey ground, “Keeping Watch” (,-2.712303&z=16&pll=51.146678,-2.711863) , by 8am the following day.

This would be perfect for the grounds opening at 9am, and would give us until about 2pm to move it elsewhere before it jumped by itself. However, the big blue field that was protecting the artifact from being moved had gone, and that left it vulnerable to capture by the toads.

By this time @hails35 had formulated the plan to bring keys for France to Glastonbury with the help of @stuts. The team would clear links to make a path across to France and we would link out directly. I checked the artifact correctly moved out of the grounds and headed for bed, shortly after 3am.

Tuesday 4th March 2014
Surprisingly, there was no toad activity all night, so I wasn't woken until my alarm woke me at 7am. At first I panicked, thinking I had slept through the alerts, but  I immediately grabbed the scanner to check the situation and was greeted with the fantastic sight of the artifact sitting on the portal directly outside my window, as planned.
I noticed a fruit and veg stall being set up around the portal. That was the only sign of any activity involving  “greens” I saw during the whole time I was in Glastonbury!

Over breakfast I watched the artifact make it’s final move into the Abbey grounds. 
Meanwhile, the rest of the team were busy trying to sort out taking down the blocking links.
I headed to the Abbey grounds and spent the next few hours feeling slightly paranoid, expecting an ENL attack on the portals which never came!

We also linked Keeping Watch to King Arthur Tomb to see if it would start doing circuits around the loop we had made. It didn’t!

Luckily the weather was fantastic: cold and crisp with lots of sun.
Glastonbury Abbey in the Morning

At around midday,@hails35 and @stuts arrived with the French keys. There was a bit of panic at this point as we didn’t have anyone to take down one of the blocking links, but once again @spiderwell stepped up and saved the day. By then the 12pm jump point had passed and so we made sure everyone was primed, and went to get a cuppa.

At 12:45,@hails35 headed to the Keeping Watch portal, I Jarvised the Market Cross portal to break the link, and headed into the Abbey grounds to Jarvis King Arthur’s Tomb to break that link (just in case) . With a few minutes to go, we had a brief moment of panic as a young couple walked up to the portal with their phones out. But they turned out to be tourists taking photos of each other. 

At 12:55,@reverendlegend and @Cypherion coordinated the removal of the three remaining blocking links.  With 1 minute to go, and with all blocking links removed,@hails35 completed the link to Sud église Baden in France (,-2.918799&z=17&pll=47.620154,-2.918799).
Last minute Linking!

We watched with bated breath as the hour passed, and the artifact vanished from the scanner, and appeared in France. I think the fairly crusty, sombre visitors to the Abbey were quite surprised at the resulting jubilations!

By that time I had spent 13 hours in the presence of Artifact #7.
To finish the job, we Jarvised Keeping Watch to drop the link to France. I then said my farewells, and headed home with a significant sense of pride in being part of the team that had made this happen. What an adventure!

Firstly I would like to thanks the agents who helped me in the field:  @Cypherion, @bobbydazzler, @inclearsite, @spiderwell, @stuts, and @hails35. It was great meeting and ingressing with friends both old and new.

Other agents in the field included:

This op wouldn’t have been possible if it hadn’t been for people putting up blockers, dropping the field and clearing the links so we could make the link to France. Agents involved here include:

Recruiting was done by:@Review and @Arael 

@Cypherion, @Korzhak, @hails35, @bogan, @Areal, @Mirrdhyn, and @greg0ry were some of the agents involved in carrying and exchanging keys.

And a special thanks from me goes to the many agents on the Op hangout who were involved with planning, intel, advice, and entertainment. You guys helped keep it fun, even when I was trudging the streets alone at 3am in the cold and rain.

I’ve probably missed a load of people, not least the folks to the East handling Artifact #8 and for that I apologise (let me know and I’ll update this document). Hopefully other sitreps will cover their work, but thanks anyway.

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