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"Random...Party Of 1!"
"Random...Party Of 1!"
Lorrah's posts much to do, so little time.

like I've said before there is this really sweet little boy at my work who is like my adopted he gave me a total of 10 hugs...ones I didn't even deserve to receive...from the time I arrived at work today until I left. He's just the cutest! :-)

Who knew a 9-2:30 work shift would wipe someone like me totally out! I'm exhausted and still have somewhere to go tonight! This might feel to be too short of a break in between!

The state licensing people will be coming to my work tomorrow and I will be the lead teacher for an hour and a half!! I'm super nervous!!

I found the most amazing $10 gift for one of my family members for Christmas today...It's an Oil of Olay body wash, lotion and mist gift set! It comes with a soap bar too in addition to all the other things included!! I'm giving it to one of my cousins who I'm exchanging gifts with! She will love it!

it's so rainy here today...there's no snow for my brother's birthday!

I heard some really happy news tonight! My friend that has been living poor for the past few months has finally found a home that fit into her budget!! She's no longer living in and out of hotels! This is really relieving to me as I was worried about her! She still does not have a job but she will focus on that later on after she's all moved in...I'm just so relieved and happy! Praising God immensely! <3

Ugh...had a super long day of being around sick kids and teachers as well as feeling sick myself...I am definitely looking forward to having tomorrow off! :)

I got a guitar book for my birthday to learn how to play...there's so many things you have to remember when trying to read time I'll learn all of it...but the fun thing right now is that I can actually read the music in the book! It's easy but i have to start somewhere!

♪♫ Happy Birthday to me! ♪♫
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