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Winona Whitaker
I am, therefore I think.
I am, therefore I think.

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First Try at Fourth's Scarf
Whitaker Knits is excited! A first effort at producing a scarf for a Fourth Doctor costume has ended well, in our opinion. A few changes will be necessary, but for the most part, this first scarf is acceptable, in our opinion. Next step: see how it's receiv...

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It's About Time I Made A Fourth-Doctor Scarf
I've been thinking about it for quite some time, but that's a lot of yarn to buy, those are a lot of colors to match, and the market is already saturated. Still, you can't be a fan of the Doctor and not make a 12-foot scarf. I'm not concerned about the actu...

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A Model Graduate
One of Whitaker Knits' models, daughter Alison, has reached a milestone. Alison graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Animal Science. That doesn't mean that Mom won't ask her to model more Whitaker Knits products. The children of business ow...

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Leg warmers and boot toppers at Whitaker Knits
As accessories become popular, Whitaker Knits adds items to its inventory. Sometimes it's the choice of Whitaker Knits, and other times it's at the request of buyers. Recently a customer requested leg warmers and boot toppers in the colors of Ravenclaw Hous...

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If a Shark Stops Swimming
With Christmas behind us, the number of visitors to Whitaker Knits' shop at has fallen off a large cliff into a deep, deep abyss. It was expected.  Orders will trickle in until the weather warms, and then Whitaker Knits will ...

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After Christmas Sale
As is the case with many businesses, Whitaker Knits has most of its sales during the Christmas season. That's over now for those of us in the mail-order industry. It's difficult to guarantee delivery by Christmas with the volume of packages going out today ...

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Stocking Stuffers
Looking for something small to tuck into a stocking? Visit Whitaker Knits at for hats, cowls and fingerless mittens. These items will easily roll or fold into a small size for a nice surprise on Christmas day. These fashions ...

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Knitting images
Sometimes when you buy an item you want it to reflect who you are. It's not just the color or the stitch that interests you, but an image on the hat, scarf or mittens that makes them distinctly yours. Whitaker Knits has had its share of such requests. The p...

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Thinking Ahead
Christmas is four weeks away, but for online sellers only two to three weeks are left in the holiday shopping season. Spontaneity is not a bad thing in some cases, but shopping online requires some thinking ahead. Whitaker Knits has all it's items in stock,...

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I Have a Friend
I have a friend who crochets and a few years ago took up knitting as well. She has the love of yarn that all of us with yarn-based hobbies have. She also has no self control. She sees yarn she likes, and she buys it. She buys for projects that she doesn't a...
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