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Are you trying to grow your network for the sake of your career?

Top 10 Sites for Professional Networking Events
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Thank you,  I heard about some of these last night while attending a Network event I was invited to while attending another event.  I learned  a lot of useful information at the events I attended. 
That's awesome +Oliver Brown ! What's your main purpose for going to networking events? Job search, new contacts, something else?
 One network is sponsored by WorkSourceFL, and they bring in job search, and social media experts, something like job experts share on G+, helps expands your personal network as well.  The other type where I went to was you meet actual contacts, maybe a recruiter, or someone that knows a recruiter. 

I learned a few things from networking, use the back of your network card to stump your qualifications, read your resume out loud before attending an event (a gaffe is embarrassing) lastly be honest. One contact passed me on to a recruiter. It also provided good practice to prep for interviews by sharing experiences and what matters to you.

The main point is getting out of the house, and gain some confidence. 

Most of what I learned about networks I learned from the G+ platform of job experts.
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