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Christopher Mathieu
Creator of HeroForge and other RPG utilities
Creator of HeroForge and other RPG utilities

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My second portal submission just went online. I now have a portal within range of my living-room couch. :)

Now I just have to enlist someone else's help in removing the massive Enlightened field surrounding me. :\

I'm planning on writing some adventures and supplements for the 5th-edition #DND  rules -- specifically the free "Basic" version, the one with only four classes and a limited selection of spells and monsters. These adventures will be free as well, though I might make some way to allow people to "pay what you want".

Keeping with the theme of "gaming on a budget", I've printed out the Basic Rules in booklet form: double-sided printing, two pages on each side, laid out so that I can fold the results in half and turn it into a book. Early next week, I'm going to take them to a local print shop and see how much it'll cost to bind them. I'm hoping it'll be under $10.

My plans include making hand-drawn maps, custom spells (new ones, not just reskins of the spells in the hardcover books), new magic items and creatures, maybe even a setting. All free, and only using material that is freely available from #WotC .

I'm open to suggestions and advice. Depending on how my initial items are received, I might even start incorporating other people's work.

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"The best way to keep the game moving briskly is to make your decisions while other players are taking their turns. With three or four other players and a GM at the table, you should have at least a couple of minutes to work out your moves before your turn begins. If you’re not ready to act when the GM looks at you and says, 'you’re up,' then what have you been doing?"

There are good and bad sides to moving my weekly game to an online VTT.

• I can do things with maps and minis that would be difficult or impossible at a physical table. Things like blocking areas from view, or using large maps.
• I can keep records of each game session. Chat logs, live recordings, screenshots.
• Recordkeeping can be automated. Things like tracking injuries, ongoing effects, and inventory can be given to the software.
• Because the game isn't tied to a physical location, we have the option of recruiting players from anywhere.

• I don't get to use my dice. I have Gamescience polys, custom Shadowrun d6s, even two of those d20s that light up when you roll a 20. Technically, I could roll them anyway, but no one else would see them.
• Technical issues can get in the way. If someone in the group can't run the VTT software on their computer, we have to put things on hold while we try to find a compatible program. If someone can't get online, they can't play.
• There's a learning curve to all VTTs. Some are easier than others, but might not have as many features.

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Basically, if I'm running a PF game, I want my players using these sheets. I don't care for the layout Hero Lab uses on their printed sheets, and electronic sheets (on a tablet or laptop) distract the player.

Plus, there's something about a hand-written character that feels better. Maybe it's the inevitable pencil smudges that evoke an old-school charm.

I play a few games online, either with my tablet or on the computer (usually the former, much to the chagrin of my Steam backlog). A few of these want (or require) integration with my G+ account. Whenever one of these turns up, I try to edit its permissions do that it won't post anything without my knowledge, and I make a point of not sending anyone invitations to these no matter what incentives are offered. The only exception to this last part involve people that I know indulge in these anyway.

Nonetheless, sometimes one of these titles does something I don't want. If you ever see something from me, relating to one of these games or apps, and you don't want it, just let me know. I'll make sure the game behaves.

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Forgot jumping everywhere for no reason and doing occasionally flips and/or spins.
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