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Jeramie McPeek
+Phoenix Suns VP of Digital
+Phoenix Suns VP of Digital

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Thanks for hosting me, Sunny! I enjoyed our conversation.
Enjoyed talking with and learning from +Jeramie McPeek on my latest #TuesdayTen episode, talking digital media and the success of the +Phoenix Suns Tuesday Ten with CadChica Sports in association with Q1 Productions

In a cab stuck in L.A. traffic, on my way to the Social TV Summit, so figured it was a good time to return to the plus. Any of my friends still circling? 

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Our first (of hopefully many more to come) Suns Hangout...

Getting ready to host our first +Phoenix Suns Hangout today!

Hey Suns fans!

Be sure to circle +Alvin Gentry, the NBA's first head coach on Twitter and now, Google+ too!

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Who is your favorite one of +The Muppets? We had Kermit as our answering machine message as a kid. "I'm so green I missed your call."
How much did you guys like the Muppets this morning? More photos:

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Despite the fact your'e a +San Antonio Spurs fan, it was great to "hangout" with you today, +Harrison Shih. Really appreciate you flying in and sharing some G+ knowledge with us!
Great meeting with the +Phoenix Suns and Alvin Gentry.

Despite my loyalty to the +San Antonio Spurs, the +Phoenix Suns are an impressive organization really pushing the edge on digital. Look forward to some exciting stuff coming out of their page!
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Was thinking about bailing on my lunchtime workout plans, but just checked the Gold's Gym schedule and found out The Dark Knight is playing in the Cardio Cinema. The bat signal is shining and I'm on my way!

Had a good meeting to discuss our upcoming +Phoenix Suns mobile app this morning. What bells/whistles would you like to see included in our app?

Anybody get a chance to hang with +The Muppets last night? We've got a +Phoenix Suns hangout with the +Suns Gorilla coming soon!
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