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Week 103 - That's All She Wrote!
Hello All!   And kind of good bye, I suppose.  I
first want to thank you all for your love and prayers and emails and
letters and packages and everything else you have done for me over these
last two years.  You have honestly done so much to help me make...

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Week 102 - The Usual
Hey All! Another week has come and gone in good 'ol Lethbridge.  Time is definitely not slowing down and people keep asking me how much of it I have left for some reason.  Hmmm... Weird :)  Things here are great - as usual - and I'm loving life!  the work i...

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Week 101 - Lasts
Hello All!     It's been another busy and crazy week
in the CCM.  Sadly, with all this busyness, there have been a couple of
lasts during this week.  On Wednesday, I attended my last Mission
Leadership Council, which was wonderful.  It's been a privilege...

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Week 100 - A Great Man
Hello All! Well I want to start by expressing my
gratitude for Elder L. Tom Perry, a great man and a good and faithful
servant of Jesus Christ.  It's going to be strange to watch General
Conference from now on and not have Elder Perry's contagious grin a...
Week 100 - A Great Man
Week 100 - A Great Man

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Week 99 - Transfer Insanity
Hello All!     So I hope you've all had a wonderful
and beautiful week!  I want to first take the opportunity to
congratulate Nate and Malory Myers, probably one of the kindest,
sincerest, and talented couples I've ever heard of.  Good luck with this

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Week 98 - South Sudan
Hello All!  
  So I first want to say congratulations to Dixie High School's class
of 2015.  You've done it!  You got through 13 years of school...and now
you're off to bigger and better (and just as stressful) things!  Good
luck with everything.  Thank...

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Week 97 - A Happy Mother's Day
Hello all!     First off, I was just looking through
my inbox, and I realize how bad I've been at getting back to so many of
you who have emailed me, and written me too!  I really apologize. 
Please know that I really appreciate your thinking of me and f...

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Week 96 - Falling From the Sky
Hello All!     Another crazy, jam-packed week in
Lethbridge has come and gone.  Before I go on, though, Happy Star Wars Day and May the Fourth be
with you.  Watch the Star Wars trailer a couple of times for me, will
ya?  Life is good and time is flying. ...

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Week 95 - Sailing the Prairies
Hello All!     Well it's been a great week here in
beautiful southern Alberta!  I first want to congratulate my wonderful
Mother and my Aunt DeeDee for their concert at the Tabernacle in Salt
Lake this weekend.  I know they did a beautiful job in a beaut...
Week 95 - Sailing the Prairies
Week 95 - Sailing the Prairies

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Week 94 - Busy Bees
Hey All!     Well it's been a crazy week, with lots happening, and I'll try to give you a quick recap:      Monday-
P Day was fun.  The new zone is awesome.  We had dinner with a recent
convert named Lakshjit, who has an awesome conversion story. (Basical...
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