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This sums up my thoughts about Witcher 3 very nicely!!

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Excellent speech by the finance minister explaining Land Ordinance Act and the falsehoods that are being spread. #LandOrdinance   #railbudget  

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I guess Florian Mueller being on Oracle's payroll does not come as a major surprise. However what is surprising is that major tech websites still keeps on quoting his anti-google rants as some sort of expert opinion even after he disclosed few months ago that he had "worked" with Microsoft and Oracle .

I guess it is time to post. I have been mostly lurking on G+ and posting very little although I do comment on other people's posts. I guess part of the reason may be that G+ is the first time I am actively using a social networking site.

I have a twitter account (only have 3 tweets in 3 years and have 3 people I do not know following me. Nice symmetry!!), used to have a facebook account and got suckered into joining Linkedin last week when I went to look for more info about someone's profile.

It has been hammered time and again to me that best way to use Google+ is to engage with other people's posts and post original content in your own stream but I have not being following that. Today I have formed a new resolution to post more frequently on G+. 

So here is a fair warning to my followers (30! another 3!!) that you are probably going to see posts about Formula 1, PC Games,  Fantasy books and possibly some tech news that I follow.  If you find these topics boring or not interesting enough then please feel free to uncircle me. I won't mind, since google allows us to follow only limited number of people and I am sure many people have done the same to clean up their circles.

Good bye for today and have a good day (for people in US, Canada etc) and good night (for people in India).

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This sure is a funny situation. I wonder if she would resign or will she continue on as a Google employee. Will zuck give her a job at facebook??

Google I/O Live stream is down? Getting 500 server error #io12  

Hangouts on google glass!!! Awesome

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I defended against a #zergrush on Google Search.

penalty for spain. 2-0 #Euro2012

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I have been encountering more and more sites that have been blocked by the ISPs in the past couple of months. What was surprising was that many of these sites were the one's you would not associate with piracy. So it was a big relief when I saw that Madras High court overturned the ruling that allows the companies to preemptively block the websites.
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