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Rick Bastos
It's not FACEBOOK!
It's not FACEBOOK!

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I think this is a great story and it inspires one to want to excel. However, he has no place in the military as a soldier, as a civilian contractor/DoD employee he can assist and still serve his country.

Friend-I can't believe how cheap it costs to live in these other places in the USA.

Me- Yes, but we make way more money living here.

Friend- yeah but we spend it all on houses, apartments and such.

Me- Yeah and only drive 10 min max to get to everything we need Vs. 1-2 hours.

Friend- Still not fair.

Me- Then move

Friend- I would NEVER leave NY

What was the point of this irrelevant conversation is what I'm STILL wondering. Some people just like to bitch about shit.

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This is pretty interesting.

+ariana cassa apparently already knows less then me when it comes to G+ and I've only been here about 10 minutes, the shame.

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Finally on here, now I have to find everyone.
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