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Debugging a specific problem with the pythreejs javascript

SageCell Update: The 3d mouse controls in the threejs command respond more naturally--they now use the three.js orbit controls instead of the three.js trackball controls.

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SageCell update: I upgraded the sage cell server to sage 6.1.1, and got three.js implicit plots working.

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SageCell Update: we've been working on textures today.  Here is your face on a sphere.

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SageCell Update: here is a basic camera widget that lets you process images from your computer's camera

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SageCell Statistics: I just totaled up some statistics for the Sage Cell Server, stretching back to Aug 2013.

* I count about 4800 unique URLs (excluding any page) that had a sage cell embedded and executed at least once since last August, with about 55,000 computations performed on these webpages.  There is a rather long tail of computations done on embedded sage cells (i.e., many pages with only a few computations actually done).

* There have been approximately 139,000 computations from the (sagecell|aleph) domains, and around 14,000 computations from other domains

Here's the summary of computations per day (from anywhere):
count     168.000000
mean     1364.500000
std       689.007765
min       121.000000
25%       853.500000
50%      1284.000000
75%      1627.250000
max      4431.000000
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Sage Cell Update: This update (hopefully) fixes a bug that made calculations unresponsive.  If you still experience problems with calculations or interacts or evaluations that seem unresponsive, please let me know.

I also updated the IPython widget syntax (very experimental) to the most recent version.  This changed how sliders are created, etc.  Here is the same example from last time, but with the updated syntax.

Sagecell update: This update upgrades us to Sage 6.0 and brings some very experimental functionality we've been working a lot on with the +IPython folks---live interactive widgets!

The widget stuff is very alpha and very experimental, but will be receiving a lot of attention in the coming months.  Right now it takes a bit of code to get it working---we'll be working on making this as easy as interacts.  This link gives you a taste of the sorts of things that are in store.  Scroll down to the bottom of the code to see how we make sliders and textboxes and connect them with the 3d objects.

(you might have to go to the link once or twice to get the three.js loaded properly to see the 3d widget.  If you don't see a 3d graph, wait for a minute.  If it doesn't appear, reload the page.)

Edit: updated link:

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SageCell Stats: Here's a graph of the daily numbers of computations the Sage Cell server has been doing over the past few months (assuming I parsed my logs correctly).  Top prize for number of computations done goes to University of Puget Sound, no doubt thanks to Rob Beezer and his linear algebra textbook.  Thanks, Rob!

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SageCell Update: This update brings mainly cool new experimental things with the new 3d renderer.  We rewrote the threejs renderer to be much more flexible and more closely fit the Sage/OpenGL scenegraph model, implemented spheres using three.js (so they look a lot more like spheres), tweaked the surface materials to be a lot more smooth, wrote an interface to specify lighting and rewrote the default lighting so that the lights are fixed to the camera rather than the objects (i.e., you can turn the object and the shading changes), and took care of some text scaling issues.

Update: Niles pointed out curves weren't working, so we fixed that too:  We also brightened up the default lighting a bit.
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