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Lenny Esposito
Offering Convincing Christianity to a world that needs it.
Offering Convincing Christianity to a world that needs it.

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What to Make of the New Seven Earth-Like Planets Discovered
The headlines were spectacular. Time Magazine pronounced "NASA Announces a Single Star Is Home to At Least 7 Earthlike Planets." 1 Vox exclaimed "NASA has discovered 7 Earth-like planets orbiting a star just
40 light-years away." 2 Even the official press ...

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The One Sexual Orientation No One Advocates For
I recently wrote that today's
western culture has become so craven we have elevated our sexual appetites above
our desire for a civilized society. And I'm not simply talking about suggestive
advertisements or sexual references in our entertainment. As I ...

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The Problem of Living in a Crotch-Driven Culture
One can tell a lot about
the value of a society by what occupies its attention and effort. The Greeks
were thinkers, who spent a significant amount of time developing philosophy and
logic. They saw value in the mind, believing that clear thinking was the...

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Does Religion "Fly You Into Buildings"?
Physicist and anti-theist
Victor Stenger famously claimed "Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies
you into buildings." This kind of throwaway line is standard fare for the new
atheist types and is often repeated via memes shared on social media si...

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Atheists: Thor is not a Rational Substitute for God
Yesterday, I responded to a common atheist
claim that one cannot prove a universal negative. But can one really prove that
something does not exist, especially when that thing is mystical or
other-worldly? For example, one atheist responded to the idea t...

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How to Prove the Nonexistence of Something
Atheists commonly claim that
they bear no burden of proof since one cannot prove a negative. A couple of
years ago, I debated Richard Carrier on the question "Does God Exist?" Given
this was a question and not a proposition, each party bears an equal bur...

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Scientists Have Created Human-Pig Hybrids. So Now What?
It can happen during
busy news cycles that some of the more important stories are missed. That may
have been the case last week as scientists announced they had successfully
created a human-pig chimera embryos in what was called a "first proof" of

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Can Evolution Produce Objective Morality?
the most part, people intuitively understand that moral concepts are real and
they produce certain duties and obligations for each of us. For example,
torturing small children for the fun of it is objectively wrong. It doesn't
matter in what culture...

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Why Believing in Miracles is Not Illogical
When Christians believe in
miracles, are they being irrational? A recent Pew Research article entitled "Why
America's 'nones' left religion behind" held this interesting quote: About
half of current religious "nones" who were raised in a religion (49%) i...

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Atheists Assuming Too Much from Neuroscience
Most atheists today are materialists. They don't believe people have
immaterial souls and think that all of our experiences and thoughts can be
reduced to electro-chemical functions in the brain. In fact, they often point to
neuroscience to make their po...
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