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In my books, passion beats happiness. Every. Damn. Time.
How about you? Listen to the latest episode of my podcast and see if you agree. #passion #happiness #podcast

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Are you living like you matter - or are you living like EVERYTHING matters? (Spoiler alert: only one of those options leads to a life of passion.) #podcast #passion

This morning I was sad to hear that blues legend B.B. King died yesterday at the age of 89. I saw him in concert back in 2003, and wrote an article about it.
You'll be missed, B.B. Thanks for all the great music!

*B.B. King's Lesson in Mindfulness*

Last Tuesday evening I attended a seminar in mindfulness. To most of the other attendees it appeared to be a five-hour blues concert headlined by the legendary B.B. King, but to me it was a tremendous lesson in the art of being mindful.

Let me explain:

For those of you who aren't into blues music, B.B. King is one of the great southern blues masters. He has named his guitar "Lucille" and together they've traveled to 90 countries since starting in the 1940's and have released over 50 albums. Over the course of his show, he told us that he is now 77 years old! He was accompanied by his 10 member band (complete with a full horn section!) one of whom has been with him for 24 years!

B.B. King's most famous song is called "The Thrill is Gone" but to hear him last Tuesday night you would have known that, for this man, the thrill is very much alive. There was nothing old or tired about the way he played or the enthusiasm he showed. Even at age 77 he continues to play more than 220 shows a year, but I would have sworn that he was playing these songs for the very first time. I also would have sworn that he was playing just for me. As I listened to him I realized that this is a man who truly lives in the moment. He wasn't thinking about his next album or his royalty cheques, or the long trip ahead of him - he was thoroughly enjoying each and every song that he played for us.

The main lesson that I took from B.B. King was that we should really make sure that we love what we're doing and who we are - just in case we end up living to age 77! On the other hand, maybe he's still going at 77 precisely BECAUSE he loves what he's going. Something to think about, isn't it?

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The Choose The Life You Want Podcast is a weekly #selfhelp #podcast to help you answer life's three most important questions: 

- Who am I? 
- What do I want? 
- How am I going to get it? 

There are 10 episodes online already - why not binge-listen to them all? 

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Ever thought of becoming a Certified Life Coach? 2-day intensive training in beautiful Montreal - Dec 6 & 7. 

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What might you be missing out on in life? Don't wait for someone you love to step up and tell you , because they probably won't.

Choose the life you want - then go live it!

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Read this touching article - then go and take the pledge at:

My mission is life is to see that you don't die with regrets. I believe we should all choose to live a life that's Fearless, Focused and Fulfilled!

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The old guard fights hard to hang onto old paradigms.

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Stop stopping yourself! Book your free 1-hour Pulverizing Procrastination Coaching Session. 

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Your weekend homework... Figure out who you are!
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